Email 23rd September 2002

Subject: Fish 2002 - Gig cancellations

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, fans and the Company,
I regret to tell you that I have had to cancel all shows running up to Christmas due to band unavailability. This means that the Maltings, Berwick Upon Tweed on November 24th and the proposed Classic Rock society gig on December 14th are gone.
Irvin Duguid starts a pantomime season on November 18th until 8th January. It's a lot of work for him and as I already had potential problems with Robin, John M and Steve it does not make sense to move on the shows with limited rehearsal time available.
I will still be with the SAS band in Southampton and Chiddingfold on the 4th to 8th December inclusive.
This will not affect the writing and in fact I welcome the free time to prepare for the rescheduled recording period of January/February/March with April becoming the new start date for the European tour.
I will get Part 2 of the last e-mail together and bring you up to date with recent events later this week once Tara and Louise head home.

Sorry for the negative on the gigs but the situation was taken out of my hands.

all the best
Onkel Fish

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