Email 24th December 2002

Subject: Fish 2002 - Scattering Crows!

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, fans and the Company,
T'is just about the night before Christmas!
Turkey to be picked up at Peat's the butchers tomorrow just before picking up the other "bird" at the airport around 1pm! :-)
A family affair. Taz, Mum and Dad, Louise and moi, the cook. A 16 pound fowl and a field of veg all to get sorted in the next 48 hours.
To be honest I am looking forward to it all. I have come to enjoying the cooking lark in the last year which has not been a simple transition.
A year ago I was in a landscape of cardboard in a cave with an outside toilet. December 2002 sees me in a near complete Home with a new drive and ambition and a relatively stress free environment (well, compared to what it was! It's still East Lothian Enders as my close friends will testify :-) )
It's great having Tara over for the holidays and watching her chill out and become a kid again. It's been a tough year for her and I am so proud of the way in which she has handled a difficult situation. She is now taller than Louise and having not seen her for nearly 9 weeks I was pleasantly shocked when we saw each other at Edinburgh Airport on Friday. Now a near 12 year old she has the attitude and mannerisms of a 14 year old and counting. "Coldplay" are a no-no but Avril Lavighne is OK! I am now having full discussions with my daughter about the music industry and sounding like my Dad!! :-))))
The DVD of the "Fellowship" (the bonus version!) awaits Christmas day with the "Twin Towers" booked for next week (I was a complete anorak and saw it on the first day of release in the afternoon - awesome! :-) )
The holidays are the silence before the Storm and I will revel and indulge to the extreme with one eye on the lyric book as always!
I still sense the magic of this time of year and this Christmas is very special for a number of reasons. The potential and opportunities available already for 2003 are immense and the most difficult decisions will be over what route to take. After all that has occurred over the last couple of years it is an incredible feeling to be capable of diving into a New Year with little baggage and a total sense of adventure. I feel very brave and extremely confident about 2003. Some may say a mid life crisis occurred. I look on it as a wake up call! I am approaching a New Year with the complete knowledge that I have returned to a path of destiny that I have crossed in recent years but never travelled on. There is a great feeling of "happening" around my Life just now in a personal and professional sense. And it feels so good!:-)

I wish you all an ecstatically happening Christmas and a nerve-janglingly positive New Year. I thank you all as always for sticking by me and believing whole-heartedly in Happy Endings. 2002 was a start, in the right direction. Here's to us all in 2003!!!!

Take care and stay alive,
let's scatter crows together :-)

Onkel Fish
ps. Rock the Casbah Joe! RIP!

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