Email 27th March 2003

Subject: Fish 2003 - "Fool's Company", gigs and other news!!!!!!!

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, fans and the Company!
With a long awaited fanfare and a prolonged roll of the drums (and a huge sigh of relief that I didn't offer this on advance order! :-) ) I can announce that the Enschede convention experience of 2002 is now available on both double DVD and double CD as of this week! "Mixed Company" the double CD arrived today and "Fools Company" the double DVD arrives in 48 hours!
It has almost become an anniversary release and is not a contender for the fastest DVD ever produced! :-))))))))) However, the quality is superb and the 5-1 ratio on the DVD sound makes it very special! We have spent a long time putting this together and all the effort that has gone into the production is well worth it! I will let others go into detail on the contents and quality of both the titles in the next few weeks. I am well chuffed! :-)

I am headed for Berlin tomorrow for a weekend with Tara and a much-needed break as I have been spending hours either working on the album or setting up the shows that will run through May, June and July both in Mainland Europe and in Scotland!

I'll put together a full breakdown of the shows when I return from Germany and provide a full track list of the Enschede titles as well as information on the "alternative" mobile convention we are looking at for the Summer! I'll also be sending Mo the first lyric from "Field of Crows" for the web site. Demos go into band presentation in 2 weeks and Elliot is set up for arriving 27th April!

One weekend to check in your diaries is that of the 30th and 31st May when I will be playing Edinburgh Venue and The Loch Centre in Tranent! The Tranent gig on the Saturday includes a "workshop" with members of the entire band in the afternoon as well as a full performance that night. Tranent is around 4 miles west of Haddington, 10 or so miles from Edinburgh and 2 miles from the nearest rail station at Wallyford! For those of you missing the Haddy experience this year the Tranent Gala Gig could provide a good substitute especially as a wee session is planned for the Tyneside Tavern on Sunday afternoon! Tickets will be made available from the merchandise service and will cost 12.50 pounds sterling. There is no charge for postage!
Details on the Edinburgh ticket availability will be put on the web site in the coming weeks. For those of you who want to come to both shows please notify us when you order Tranent tickets so we can make sure that Edinburgh tickets are put aside for you with the venue.

A large number of shows will be announced in the coming weeks all of which will be part of the evolving creative process behind the "Field of Crows" album! The team is coming together a lot faster than I thought and the creative chemistry is beginning to spark in the way I hoped! The Summer gigs are a major part of the album both for testing material and as live rehearsals but also as a backbone to the financial support to an ongoing project that will take us all into next year. Some of the gigs such as a planned Orkney and Shetland Island sortie are not "major earners" :-) but as part of the "Field of Crows" vibe are important both for the material and the band! Your support either through attendance on the tour or through helping with supporting the merchandise sales either at the gigs or through the web site is sincerely appreciated in a major way!

I told you all last year that 2003 was going to be a major "event" year and it is shaping up as such! A full run-down of all the gigs in the pipeline this year will be covered in a FishHeads post next week after I have had a chance for updates from promoters and agents! Some of you will develop a very heavy Scottish accent this year, double your girth, be diagnosed as having Tourettes syndrome and begin supporting crap soccer teams but you may also have a very happening time on a double Decker bus! ;-)

One early piece of gig news is that I will be singing "Caledonia", the song made famous by Frankie Miller and the track I performed on his tribute album last year, as part of the pre-match entertainment for the NFL Europe World Bowl at Hampden Park Stadium in Glasgow on June 14th! The World Bowl is the European version of the Super Bowl, one of the USA's biggest sporting events and beamed to a television audience of millions of American football fans worldwide! American football has become increasingly popular in Europe in recent years with Germany in particular providing most of it's major teams. In Scotland we have the "Claymores" who are amongst the favourites for this year's title! On the Friday we will be playing a full set to 5000 Claymores fans in George Square in Glasgow as part of the pre-match build up. I have also been approached to play similar shows on Germany in the lead up to the final! Having just turned down an opportunity to get involved in this weekend's TV coverage of the Scottish soccer game with Iceland I have an ominous feeling that a career in sports punditry is opening up! Just when I thought things were getting better :-)))))

OK it's time to get the washing out of the drier and pack the bag. Orders for Berlin are fulfilled and in the case! Walker's Salt and Vinegar crisps, Cadbury's Cream Eggs, E45 cream and TCP!
Somewhat contradictory in effect but I suppose Yin and Yang :-)

As I said I will bring a huge update to you next week which will hopefully include some major developments on a situation I have been developing over the last few months.

The Enschede material is the first step toward the Summer campaign and your support on this is sincerely appreciated. Orders are now being taken through the merchandise pages on the web site which is being reinvented by Mo and Pete as part of the revamping and reorganization we promised last year!

The double disc DVD "Fool's Company" is available at 19.99 pounds sterling plus postage and packaging and the double cd "Mixed Company" is available at 13.99 pounds sterling plus post and packaging! As a special offer both titles are available at 30 pounds sterling plus post and packaging! Details on the track listing and other information will be added to the web site and posted on the FishHeads list in the next week!

Reviews of the new releases will be posted on the web site as they come in and in the next Company Scotland Fanzine scheduled for late April/May to coincide with the Scottish dates.

We are Making it Happen :-)

Off to Berlin in the morning for a weekend's R and R and to meet my daughter's boyfriends (the plural is correct!) in an ice cream parlour! (lyric there somewhere:-) Tara is now allegedly taller than her mother!! :-(
It's strange how Berlin still remains a port in my creative voyages and an island where I can rely on finding inspiration! Stranger still that my daughter is introducing me to another dimension in the city! So Fellini?
always! :-)))))

lots of love
Onkel Fish xx
top student in "Zoo Class" :-)

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