Email 12th October 2003

Subject: Fish 2003 - the latest

Dear Freaks, Fishheads, Fans and the Company,

Sunday afternoon and about to get ready to go to a Buddy Guy concert at the Usher Hall with the Vantsis tribe and Taz and her friend who are over for two weeks holiday from Berlin.
We have taken a week off the album; Elliot is heading to Oxford leaving me to have some free time with Taz and my girlfriend who's flying into Edinburgh from Los Angeles on Friday. It's her first time in Europe never mind Scotland and I'm a bit concerned about the climatic shock! :-)

This week not only gives me a chance to sort the cave out which has been acting as a full-on recording studio for the last couple of months but a chance to finish off the last of the lyric gaps.
Mark Brzezicki was up finishing off the drum parts on the last 3 songs which we finished writing the week previously. "The Field", "The Lost Plot" and "Scattering Crows" fit the album perfectly and give it the change in texture we knew we needed after completing the bulk of the work on the other 8 tracks. Tony Turrell has contributed some fine work and great writing on the missing tracks. All that is left to do are a chunk of Frank Usher's guitar and the vocals with a couple of sessions for recording horns, percussion and additional backing vocals. With studio time at Ca Va in Glasgow booked on the 8th November we are on line to have a finished album available on mail order in December.

Piece of synchronicity with the discovery that Mark B's drum kit on the Crows sessions was the one he used on the Vigil sessions at the Townhouse studio and on the tour. He picked it out by accident as he was late to leave for Haddington and grabbed the first one at the front of the storage unit where he keeps an assortment of kits and percussion rigs.

Sound clips from all the tracks will be sent to the website together with sets of lyrics some in working order. The sound-bites are unmixed and untreated and still missing lead vocals (most have guides or first comps). They are last week's working desk mixes and will be in album order.

I turned down the chance to sign with a major German label this week as I didn't feel that they could offer me anything more than the set up I have at present and the possibility of another Roadrunner fiasco. The tour dates should be coming in this week for the UK and hopefully mainland Europe and then we can begin to work out the promotion schedules. There's no confirmation of any other dates apart from the Chiddingfold and Southampton SAS shows (Bulgaria is not confirmed yet).

Looking forward to the European Championship play of draw on Monday after spending a heart busting afternoon at Hampden watching Scotland thrash Lithuania 1-0 with Tara, her friend Jessica and Steve Vantsis all of whom it was a "first" at a Scotland match. A sell out crowd of 50,000 went wild when Darren Fletcher hit the net 4 mins after coming on 70 mins into the game. It was the first ever time I had been at a Scotland match where we won! Darren Fletcher plays for Manchester United and comes from Dalkeith! Now there's a bit of Fellini I like! :-))))))
With Wales and Holland both offering delightful confrontations and party options I have a Fellini feeling that Norway will spring out the hat for us! :-))))))
As long as we get to Portugal for the finals. Steve's Dad lives there! :-)
Anyway we can dream!!!! :-)

Until next time....
Hope you like the sound-bites! :-)
love Onkel Fish xx

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