Email 26th November 2003

Subject: Fish 2003 - Field of Crows release date

Dear Freaks, Fishheads, Fans and the Company,

It is with great pleasure I can announce that the new studio album "Field of Crows" will be available on December 10th. Calum Malcolm is, as I write this, finishing the mastering process on a classic ex Abbey Road mobile Neve desk at his studio in North Berwick and the masters will be delivered to the manufacturing plant in Blackburn tomorrow. Thanks to Rob Ayling at Voiceprint we have managed to secure a guaranteed delivery date to the Studio on December 10th. This means that with the help of some able nimble hands we can get packages out before the last posting dates to Eastern and Western Europe and of course the UK!! The American orders will be 3 days after the last posting date but should still arrive across the holiday period!!
I have decided to start accepting orders from Monday 1st of December onwards so that we can begin to process and prepare packages for filling once the cd's arrive here. We are obviously expecting a huge demand and so will be taking on some extra staff here to enable us to fulfill the orders! Mo will be adding the new album to the website credit card mailorder service which is secure and tried and tested in recent months. We are now also able to accept cheques in Euros from overseas banks which can be sent to our mail address - Fish Information Services Haddington (F.I.S.H.), The Company Scotland, PO Box 3, Haddington,East Lothian, Scotland EH41 3TA.
The album is a single CD (approximately 68 minutes) with a full colour 24 page booklet which will only be available on mail order and on the forthcoming tour (so far over 50 dates are awaiting confirmation in the UK and mainland Europe). "Field of Crows" will not be available at retail outlets until May 2004. The album is priced at thirteen pounds and ninety nine pence (roughly 20 Euros) plus postage.

As always a timewarp rippled through my day and it's now 9pm and I am sitting here at the PC listening to a master of the album! As expected Calum has delivered as only Calum can do! It works! :-) The masters are now sitting on Kim's desk awaiting pick up for delivery!

Another timewarp! It's now 10.30, an hour and a bit since John my neighbour and his son popped in on invite for some chilled Chablis and the premier! It works! :-) "It's time Prog Rock had a comeback!" said John! The apology for the never ending horn session didn't matter. No-one heard a thing next door in the old house. It seemed Fellini-like appropriate that they should hear the first playback!

And so I prepare for Berlin tomorrow for a long weekend with Tara. There's a certain cosmic sense of a circle being drawn somewhere!
I can at least relax for 3 days and wallow in the warmth of completion before heading back on Monday to begin tour preparation and the promotional set up for the new album.As I mentioned in the last post to Fishheads it's strange how the album has crept up and exploded into "now". In just over two weeks you will discover what we have been brewing since April. Now the trepidation of reviews! :-)
I've done my bit as have we all here at the Studio! I now hand it over to you! I hope you like it!

lots of love
Onkel Fish xxx :-)

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