Email 4th December 2003

Subject: Fish 2003 - "Field of Crows" payment details

Dear Freaks, Fishheads, Fans and the Company,

There appears to be some confusion amongst some people out there as to how payments can be made for the new album and with special regard to a direct payment from bank accounts to our bank account.These kind of transfers are known as BACS. We can do this but it costs 7 pounds each way (ie 14 pounds which will have to be paid by the purchaser). Not a good way to buy an album!

We have a Euro account at the Royal Bank of Scotland and have arrangements to accept cheques from ANY bank in mainland Europe apart from those in Spain and Portugal. These cheques can be made out in Euros to F.I.S.H. and will be cashed here with NO charge to the purchaser. Cheques have to be sent to "The Company Scotland", F.I.S.H., Po Box 3, Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland, EH41 3TA.

As well as all Visa and Mastercard, Access card, Eurocard we also accept Cash Transfer Cards! These are Switch, Solo, Maestro, Delta and Electron Cards.

Electron cards (sometimes referred to as EC cards) are popular in mainland Europe and these will be accepted on the website mail order service!

Cash transfer cards are used by purchasers instead of BACS. When the details of the Electron card (or other cash transfer cards) are entered on the purchase form the payment is taken direct from your bank account- same as a credit card! I believe that some people have perhaps confused a BACS payment with an Electron payment which also comes directly from a bank account but at far cheaper cost!

If none of the above methods of payment are suitable then the album can be bought for cash on the tour in February/March/April
you can make arrangements with either the Company Holland or the Company Germany to pay a national BACS transfer at whatever internal cost that is in your respective countries. They will then transfer the money to us by International BACS transfer and we will send them the albums to send to you on internal mail. This obviously takes more time for merchandise to arrive with you! A charge may be made by those Companies for this service.

Payments made to us on the website are processed at the secure site at the Royal Bank of Scotland / an e mail is sent to you notifying you of the transaction / we are then sent a form from the bank notifying us that payment has been made / we process the order and you are sent an e mail telling you when the order will be sent out. All orders received to date for the new album will be sent out when we receive the album here at the Studio on the 10th December!
I hope this has helped clarify the situation!

lots of love
Onkel Fish

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