Email 15th January 2004

Subject: [FishFans] Re: Still waiting one month later

Dear all!
Kim has been away on holiday for a week and arrives back tomorrow. Kim, Mo and Pete worked full time sorting out the packages before Xmas to get them out. Kim was coming in most days right up to Xmas and through New Year packaging and sending. That is why she has been allowed a holiday. When she arrives back she will be dealing with your problems. I asked people to contact me at fish at if they had outstanding problems. I have 9 outstanding packages.
Regarding the USA. It was always going to be a problem sending packages across the holidays and the current security situation in the states isn't helping one bit. Packages get "stacked" at customs and "international hubs" and are not released in sequence meaning some get long delays as the system attempts to clear a continuing mountain of mail. Today I had a parcel sent to a fan in Minnesota on the 1st December which arrived yesterday (14th January). This had nothing to do with our service. We received zero information from the postal services re this package!
I appreciate some of you have been severely frustrated especially with our lack of response but we have to rely on information from the postal services and cannot just send out replacements until we can verify the situation re the whereabouts of the article. I myself had a package sent by registered post to Berlin which took 3 weeks to arrive and have items sent out for Promo which are currently locked in at the International hub. A week for one package to get to Paris which still hasn't arrived.
Getting information is difficult as the postal services are in a mess after the holiday period.
We do sincerely try to get things sorted but have to rely on third parties who aren't quite as "motivated". We are incredibly frustrated and depressed by this situation. Over 4000 items have been sent from here in the last month. I believe we have less than 25 or so outstandinng orders. These are being dealt with. You are not being ignored. It is impossible with the size of our operation to keep people informed on a 24 hour basis as we can only tell you what we know. Our patience is also stretched by the lack of info from the postal services. We are working on these orders.
Taking cheap pops at us is not appreciated and doesn't help matters. There are also elements out there who are stirring problems for some perverse reason known only to themselves. This is also not appreciated.
I sincerely apologise for delays and we do try our very best to rectify matters as soon as we possibly can. I can only ask you to be patient and trust us to deal with these problem which by and large are the result of third party services and not the result of failure at this office.
yours sincerely

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