Email 3rd November 2004

Subject: Fish 2004 - Tyneside "tragedy"!

It is with great remorse that I have to tell you that at around 10am today a fire in the Tyneside Tavern has resulted in the pub being shut for at least two weeks! Thankfully no-one was injured and Paul Kinnoch and his family who live in the flat upstairs were unhurt and their home suffered only minor smoke damage. It's believed the fire started from an electrical fault in the kitchen and, although the main bar and lounge were relatively unharmed except by smoke and water from the 4 fire tenders on duty, the kitchen is a write off and the fire was intense enough to damage surrounding walls and crawl through the air ducts into the roof space.
The "6 o' Clock Club" is in shock and we are lost as to where to go in the darkening evenings. Counsellors have been contacted and certain individuals are already in therapy. I have already offered help to Paul as to looking after the kegs of 70 shilling which will obviously sour quickly. He is considering moving the pub into my new "Blue house" for the duration of repairs!
On a serious note it was a godsend the fire started when it did as an early morning fire could have been devastating if it had gone undiscovered for hours rather than being identified when it was.
You can leave messages of support on the pub web site

Back tomorrow with more news
Onkel Fish

PS. I was going to send this to the Yahoo group but thought it may be a wee bit interesting to those who don't subscribe. The original question was about my participation at "Live Aid".

I was asked to sing on the single but we were on tour in Italy and it was decided that it was too difficult to get me back to London to record a "charity single"! Doh!
If I had been on the single there would have been a good chance we could have played on the day but there were a lot of politics involved in the line up choice between various agencies. Although we just had Kayleigh slowly dropping out the charts and the album at number one (I think) we were left out. I was asked along and spent the day backstage until the finale when Billy Connolly grabbed me in the wings and I was swept onto the stage where I stood stage right toward the back next to most of Spandau Ballet. I still have my laminate and have a letter of thanks from Midge, Sir Bob and Harvey Goldsmith which is framed and currently in the attic awaiting wall space!
Needless to say if we had played on the day then our future may have been very different as it would have given us a huge window on the elusive US market, a territory we needed to break open to maintain the impetus of the band in both sales and prestige.
One of Life's major regrets!

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