Email 27th January 2005

Subject: Fish 2005 - The Ship Sails On

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, fans and the Company,
First of all a belated ecstatic New Year to all of you and once again apologies for the absence. With you in spirit if not in posts!

Just got back from Berlin where I was with my daughter sorting out her return to Scotland and the complexities of her new school terms. This has thrown plans into disarray as she begins third year in June not in August as I had expected.
April is now designated as rehearsals with South America in negotiation for mid May. Open airs command June and the rest of the Summer and festivals will be combined with forays in territories that have been lacking in exposure from my side for the last few years. It's difficult to organise but Yatta is doing a sterling job balancing my commitments.
My daughter's education is uppermost in my mind just now and her return requires vast changes in lifestyle and approach to my career in general. As a soon to become "single parent" I am very aware of my responsibilities and have to adjust accordingly.
Since before Christmas I have been concentrating on the logistics and long term planning for Tara's return and as such am guilty of dereliction of duties on my career front. The June school shift has thrown everyone and I have had to adjust in order to provide the back up and support my daughter needs to make the transition. It is beginning to make sense now!
The first dates will be on the website next week and I have to admit they are a testament to Yatta's wonderful planning and understanding of the situation.
I can say that Mark Wilkinson is on board and currently working on artwork for the tour promotion/merchandising and for the eventual DVD and live album releases. We are both excited about the design which will be made available as limited edition high quality prints on tour and through mail order.
This last week in Berlin brought back some memories and inspiration!

Chris Kimsey is on line to produce a 5-1 surround sound mix of the original album recordings as well as the live recordings of the 2005 tour. I have had discussions with "Marillion" and we are both agreed that this should happen if certain criteria are met with EMI regarding the release of the 5-1 project. All things going well this would be released to coincide with my anniversary tour and "Marillion's" own touring of mainland Europe in late 2005. Communication is open.

The interview and live material arrived from Malta on Christmas Eve in rough form and had meant further delay on the DVD from the "Crows" tour. The live sound has problems with an "earth" buzz from an unshielded feed to the cameras so I have to edit accordingly within the interview footage. It will work and give me the 30 minutes or so of extras I need.
I will be working on this in the next few days as well as OKing the Polish footage from Krakow for the other DVD releases. This will be funding the rehearsals for the Misplaced tour and your support is sincerely appreciated with advance costs on the tour preparations approximated at 20k sterling!
Rehearsals are scheduled for three weeks in April somewhere in the Haddington area with warm ups to follow across the UK in selected venues.

On another note. After consultation with Judith Mitchell and Maurice in the Netherlands I have decided to shut down the fanzine this summer. The next issue will be the penultimate with the final issue preceding the "Misplaced" tour. This coincides with the principal renewals of the fanzine subscriptions and no more orders for subscriptions will be taken. Those of you with outstanding fanzines will be offered a credit or repayment.
The outstanding response to the website and the inability to provide substantial and up to date information through the fanzine has prompted a rethink. For fans without web access, newssheets will still be made available but the fanzine will take another direction as an annual release as a separate merchandise item. I understand and appreciate some of you will be disappointed, but like the cassette format some things become difficult to qualify.

Finally on this brief mail shot - a warning! I was stopped by Berlin airport security today and had to hand over my Zippo lighter!!! It appears that Zippos are now a threat to European airline security and I had to take the innards from my tour Zippo and throw it in the trash before boarding the flight. Despite appeals to no avail I boarded the flight to Amsterdam with an "empty" Zippo case. There was no warning at check in, no specific info on Zippo carrying and as it is not allowed to place "benzine containers" in hold luggage the "powers that be" have you by the short and curlies! It is ok to travel with "one throwaway" lighter but Zippos are "Verboten!" Paranoia or what! Thanks guys! Hope your next shite is a hedgehog!

More news to follow soon. I am working. ............honest!

lots of love
Onkel Fisch xx

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