Email 9th February 2005

Subject: Fish 2005 - Liverpool Cavern and other stories

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, fans and the Company,
Monday 2nd May is now confirmed for Liverpool Cavern, a traditional warm up venue for me in the past and now a regular haunt for my solo forays! The initial UK tour is intended as a try out for the set before I take it on to the big stages in South America and the European festival circuit. The main tour of Europe will involve a full production and is intended to include back projections and a staging and lighting set up I haven't had the chance to play about with for quite a few years. Yatta is working on this at the moment.
The band line up is still to be confirmed but I am hoping it will be the same line up as on recent gigs plus a female backing vocalist (BV) to augment the Misplaced material as well as allow different arrangements on some other tracks. Search is currently on for a suitable candidate.

The Maltese footage for the extras on the "Scattering Crows" DVD is being edited this week and I hope to be in production later next week. The Polish DVDs are now heading for production at the end of this week. Release dates should be announced imminently!

Mark Wilkinson moves into full-on airbrushing on the "Return to Childhood" artwork this week and he will be using the original model for the MC sleeve artwork, Robert Mead, as the main subject in his new exploration of the piece twenty years on.

There have been quite a few enquiries regarding possible US/Canada touring activities but I regret to say that there are no plans in the immediate future mainly due to financial constraints. It is not being totally ruled out but to embark on a campaign in North America requires firm guarantees if I am to avoid previous "fogbound" ventures.
Any suggestions on festivals or other touring possibilities are welcome and any help you can provide with promotional support on forthcoming dates is sincerely appreciated. I can be contacted at fish at if you have any ideas or require support for promotional activities.

On the home front the studio is currently undergoing reconstruction in some areas as the main live room is being converted into a more functional domestic arrangement which will give me more storage space and create a better environment for the new "arrival" in June. One of the sound booths; the "Dead Room", so called because of the heavy duty sound proofing, is also being gutted and turned into Tara's new bedroom. This still leaves me the other half of the main room, the "wooden" booth and of course the main control room as dedicated sound areas which will be totally adequate to cope with any future recordings.

The kitchen garden is nearing completion and all the growing beds will be on line for March and the new seed crops. At least this year I'll be here for the planting and also for the asparagus crop which is due for harvest in June. It's only taken three years to grow!
The "Blue house" will come into it's own this year and the pepper seed and other "exotics" I bought on a recent trip to Berlin and the "Grunewoche" festival should thrive with the tomatoes and other fruits in the massive heated space. Also having a crack at some Jacaranda seed! Scottish weather systems? Pah!
The other big planting project is on "Hutchison's Hill", so named because of my mate's presentation of a lumber yard of railway sleepers that hold up a huge mound of earth at the front of the garden.
I need to get around 4 or 5 trees for the mound that will provide some dappled shade and berries to attract more birds into the area around the organic garden and then underplant with grasses and other perennials with ornamental vegetables on the lower slopes. It's an area of around 6m x 20m and the digging and cultivating is all part of the pre tour fitness programme!
It's all starting to come together on a number of levels!

Finally just to let you know we all suffer from the same postal system, a letter I sent first class to my girlfriend in North Wales took seven days to get there! Let's all keep our fingers crossed on that Valentine we may be sending or there could be a lot of grief given out in lieu of misplaced post!

till later
lots of love
Onkel Fish xx

PS. There have been some problems with the "Curtain Call" box set in so far as certain discs are been missing from some units. As the boxes are shrink-wrapped, we need the purchaser's permission to remove it to check it's a complete set of discs inside. Please advise us when you order. Our stock is supplied by Racket Records who are obviously experiencing the same problem with their product. They have sent us up replacement units and are dealing with the manufacturing company regarding the packaging problems.

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