Email 29th March 2005

Subject: [FishFans] Question about new release

Hi all,
The Polish DVDs are now in stock and I expect the "Crows" CDs later this week. Slight hold up with the "Scattering Crows" DVD due to a couple of sound problems which are now being remedied. I expect this title in the next two weeks.
The Polish DVDs are taken from the '95 Yin and Yang tour and were originally released on VHS. They were since deleted and are now re-issued together with a single CD of the concert within the same package. One concert is an "Electric" set and the other an "acoustic" set recorded by TV1 Poland in two separate venues on different nights of the tour. The DVDs are £14.99 each plus postage. If both DVDs are ordered together there is a special purchase price of £25.00 plus postage for a limited period.
The "Scattering Crows" DVD features the entire show from Bradford last year plus extras which include an interview filmed in Malta last summer and some rough footage of three tracks from the show on the island.
Both the Polish material and the Bradford material is recorded in multi track and filmed with multi camera.
The "Scattering Crows" DVD is £15.99 plus postage.
Also available is the "Scattering Crows" live double CD featuring the entire Bradford show plus extra tracks recorded at Bilston earlier in the tour including a complete "Plague of Ghosts". "Lost Plot" and "Old Crow".
This is also £15.99 plus postage. If the DVD and the double CD are ordered at the same time you will receive a free bonus single CD featuring the rest of the Bilston set. This CD is only available on the purchase of both "Crows" titles.

Your support on these projects is greatly appreciated as the income is funding the rehearsals and the preparatory work for the "Return to Childhood" tour.

All the best

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