Email 30th March 2005

Subject: Re: [FishFans] A reminder of old age! DVD changes!

Hi all!
The other day someone sent a message to the list re the "Krakow Electric" DVD and said it was a pity that it wasn't the full show! I suddenly had a terrible feeling and rushed through to the dusty VHS collection only to discover that I had sent down a copy of a master of the "Electric" show which was originally intended to be used to send for broadcast to potential TV stations. As they would only consider an hour long slot we had edited 60 minutes from the main programme on a separate master. I had forgotten that I also had a close to two hour film mastered in stereo which we had released originally on the Dick Bros label on VHS.
I decided that rather than issue a "Krakow Electric set Part Two" with the missing numbers I would scrap the 1 hour master and go with the full show which I say so myself is a far superior option.
As the one hour programme had an accompanying CD and the full programme would require two CD discs I have decided to forego the audio only discs as they already exist as a Live album title on the website.
Packaging two CDs in the DVD set as with the one hour programmes would also present a problem!
The timing is only affected slightly and actually falls in line with our intended release dates of third week of April to coincide with the UK tour.
The "Acoustic" set is unaffected as that was originally a 60 minute set and we have these in stock now.
The "Scattering Crows" double album and the single bonus disc are also here.
The sound problems on the DVD are now resolved and I expect to be in production as of Monday next week.
All titles are on line for release on the third week of April.
All orders received so far (for the Krakow Electric DVD) will be sent out the two hour "Electric Night".
The 1500 DVDs of the one hour "Electric" set with accompanying audio CD will be sold at the gigs at a reduced price. These 1500 units will be the only ones to be pressed and for those of you who are serious collectors constitute a limited edition.
The pricing on the"Krakow Electric Night " will not change and the offer of purchasing the "Acoustic" and "Electric" together for £25.00 plus postage remains the same. Kim has added the new items to the merchandise order list on the website and all titles can be ordered in advance and will be sent out first from the office.
Sorry for any delays and misunderstanding and thanks to whoever switched on the lightbulb in this dusty skull! :-)
That's what I get for being cocky! :-))))))))))

all the best

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