Email 20th June 2005

Subject: Re: [FishFans] Re: Fish with Marillion?
This was in reply to a topic about Fish and Marillion reforming to celebrate the anniversary of Misplaced Childhood, Clutching at Straws, etc.
Hi guys,

This is a pipedream! H is the singer with Marillion and has been for longer than me. If I was him I'd feel people were being a bit disrespectful in discussing the old line up reforming.
Commercially I don't really think it would be of much interest to promoters in the main and the production attached to the shows would not be able to recreate the stage sets associated with that period. Also judging by the last time I played with Steve Rothery he is very unwilling to change keys etc and being an old bear that I am that would be a necessity! :-)
TBH I am quite happy with my lot in a solo sense and anyone who saw the show in Luxembourg can testify that the energy and commitment is there from my band and the performances are fulfilling that hunger for nostalgia! :-)
I am enjoying this reincarnation of the Childhood album and am having fun on stage with it.
I talk with Mark Kelly and Ian Mosley quite regularly and we have never discussed a reunion since the last suggestion I made quite a few years ago now. I think we all know that there isn't the demand for it outside the dedicated fan base and time has played it's part as well in whittling away outside interest.
I am cool with that and don't feel anything is missing from my life at present! :-)
Sorry to throw a wet towel over the dream/fantasy but that's my angle on all this!

all the best
Onkel Fish

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