Email 28th September 2005

Subject: RE: [FishFans] Bouillabaisse Release

Hi Guys!

First of all thanks to all of you who have ordered through the website. I know we are priced higher than other outlets and I really appreciate your support. I went on the price that Amazon were offering - £12.99 and was asked to keep my price slightly higher in order not to cause problems with the "sell in" to the retail outlets. It seems that Amazon were not pricing as low as others and I have ended up on the high end of the price range! :-( It is too late to change the price now without annoying those who have already bought from us so I have decided to print a Bouillabaisse t-shirt and those of you who bought through the web site will be given a £3.00 discount if you decide to purchase it. I will discuss this with Dave Gould this week and put the idea into action. I will get back to you with details once I have them.

As Asda are cutting the price on my CD so low I have decided to offer a range of organic vegetables at extremely low prices for a limited period! :-)

The problem with the Asda price is that they don't need to make a profit from CD's and BB is only one of thousands of titles they move through their stores in a year. It will be interesting to see how long they leave it on their racks!
I however have a couple of releases a year and make my living from those titles. Chart entries are all well and good and I accept the profile is valuable. I also accept that a near £5.00 difference is a tempting offer and not all of you can afford to turn that down.
With that in mind I sincerely appreciate those of you who have supported my sales operation.

For the record all orders received by Monday night were cleared yesterday and in the post by this morning thanks to a solid shift from Mo and Pete! I hope you will notice the difference in the quality of our service since Elspeth has taken over the office and that your confidence in us has been reborn. Thanks for being out there!

all the best

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