Email 29th November 2005

Subject: Re: [FishFans] Weakest Link

Hi Guys,

First of all thanks to all of you who provided a great send off to the band on our last gig in 2005. We all had a great time and it added to the 2-1 gubbing of the once great Glasgow Rangers in the afternoon! (I managed to catch the game at a friends house in Swindon - he had pay per view:-) I had a huge shit-eating grin all night. 11 points clear of "the Huns" and third in the table, three points behind the Jambos and four behind Celtic. It couldn't have been a better send off to our ex-player Georgie Best who must have been in raptures at the performance of our Hibs kids!!
The gig had some very funny moment and I had to keep on reminding myself that we were there to play music :-)

The Weakest Link? Yes it is on Saturday on BBC1 at 5.35pm. I won't tell you how I did but I can say that I didn't embarrass myself. I will let you those of you in foreign climes in on the result on Sunday when I get back from presenting the Classic Rock Society Awards in Rotherham on Saturday! Though it will probably be reported at 6.30 on the night anyway! :-)
(those of you who already know the result please keep it schtuum)

Back working on the live material with Calum Malcolm this week. He says it sounds great! I am not allowed into his studio till Thursday!

Late news is that I will now be performing at the Brook in Southampton on Friday 9th December. This is as well as a charity do on the Saturday in Haslemere and a gig (open to the public) on Sunday at the Boom Boom Club in Sutton, Surrey.
Sorry about the confusion but I was asked to play the charity gig and it then made sense of the weekend and the costs of coming down to the shows! Up till then it was too expensive to fly me down and put me up in hotels for two club shows!
Again sorry about the confusion as some of you had bought tickets and then cancelled them for the Brook!

The SAS shows on the following week are still on. Saturday is totally sold out with only a few tickets remaining for the Friday. I know I am playing "Big Wedge" with the band for the first time as well as a possible version of "Sledgehammer" (Spike's idea btw).

until next time
Fish x

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