Email 5th December 2005

Subject: Re: [FishFans] Fish on Weakest Link

Hi Y'all! :-)

Thanks for all your messages re *Saturday's show! Had a lot of fun!! :-)
Picked up a 25 years contribution award on Saturday at the Classic Rock Society's shindig just to put a cherry on a fantastic week!
Thanks also for all your positive response to my letter re the Kim Waring situation. It was a terrific weight off my head after months of severe stress and anxiety.
I appreciate the offers of "fund raising" gigs etc but in all honesty it's not that bad and recent hard work and touring have helped sort the situation out to some extent. I am not at the gates of debtors prison by any means and can still pay the mortgage. It knocked me back a year or so but as you know me by now it would take more than that to put me down! :-)))))
Moral - Never go shooting bears with airguns!!!!

I sincerely appreciate the surge of orders and confidence in the last week. In all honesty it was the damage to my overall reputation that concerned me the most. I have never knowingly ripped anyone off and am an old fashioned type who lives by his word.
Both Elspeth and I are working our asses off getting the ship righted and back on course. Your support on the merchandise is valued and we both look forward to proving ourselves to you over the Xmas period. Thanks again for all your e mails of support and understanding,

all the best
Onkel Fish

* The Weakest Link

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