Email 8th March 2006

Subject: [FishFans] Re:Hibs Supporters Club gig 20th April and other stuff

Hi Guys,
Been interesting reading the recent Scottish linguistic threads :-)
Thanks and of course welcome to Diane and her birds! Glad you liked the "Crows"!

Things have as always been hectic here but light is beginning to shine through the cracks.
I now have tickets for the gig in aid of the Hibernian FC Youth Development. It's at the Hibs Supporters Club at Sunnyside (just off Easter Road) in Edinburgh. Tickets are £20 plus 50p for postage. The club is restricted to 300 and I have 50 tickets available from here at the office. I will discuss with Mo if we can get a credit Card order form on the website but for now cheques can be made out to "F.I.S.H." and sent to our Po Box address.
(Mo says: PO Box 3, Haddington, East Lothian EH41 3TA, United Kingdom)
They can also be bought from the Hibs Shop at Easter Road stadium or at the Supporters club which is open from 4pm weekdays, 11am Saturdays and 12.20pm Sundays.
Mark has put together a special poster for the event which I will post to Mo for the website next week! :-D

I have meetings today re the camping facilities and extra curricular venues for the convention weekend. That has been a pain in the ass to be honest as it has been difficult nailing people down and getting decisions. East Lothian Council have been exceedingly supportive so far but some private institutions have been to say the least, unhelpful. More news hopefully later this week.

Since I got back from Egypt it has been full on here. I managed to get down to York last weekend to see my girlfriend before she headed off to Mexico for a gig at the Baja Rock festival.
Thanks to Martin Hudson at the Classic Rock Society our relationship is no longer a "well kept secret". It was Martin who played the part of cupid and he is well chuffed at being a "prog" matchmaker :-D In this months issue of his magazine he related the news after much gossip in certain circles and mailing lists.

As some of you may have guessed I have been "dating" a young lady by the name of Heather Findlay since December. Heather is lead singer with "Mostly Autumn" and despite our occupations we have been seeing each other regularly in recent months as she lives in York a mere 2 hour train journey away from Dunbar station.
Heather is out with the band playing at Baja Rock this week (ironically Marillion are out there too). If it hadn't been for parental duties I would have been out there on a special guest spot - who with would have been an interesting question.
Her band are on tour in the coming months and thankfully it appears we are out at the same time. I will be singing a couple of numbers with them at the Scottish shows on the 23rd march at Glasgow Uni. and Lochgelly Town Hall on the 24th (check their website out for details)
To show how serious we are Heather has become a commited Hibby and has so far been at three matches and has tickets for the semi final in Glasgow on the 2nd April :-D
As you already know she will be singing at the convention and we have already discussed a number of songs for both the acoustic and electric shows. Me happy :-D

more to follow on a Fishheads post as well as the story of Egypt. I have some classy photos :-D


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