Email March 19th 2006

Subject: Re: [FishFans] Hadders camping

I appreciate that some of you may be coming early and we already sorted the Boy Scouts hut out for the Friday night. At the moment we have no security arranged for the Friday but if camping numbers are sufficient then we can get something sorted.

Thanks Em! Campsite is being geared for standard size tents and you bring a circus marquee with associated animals! :-D I will ask Elspeth about this and she will contact the relevant authorities to ask permission. I think overnight on the Monday will definitely be a problem.

The "campsite" is not an official campsite and is at the back of a Primary School on an area provided for us by East Lothian District Council with facilities being provided by the Boy Scouts and Haddington Football Club. The school will be operating on the Thursday and the Tuesday! Setting up tents on Friday afternoon should be fine as they shut at midday.

Thanks for providing us with the first entry for the FAQ's list and I look forward to hearing many more :-D

Fish xx

Couple of quick notes -

For the Norwegians, Whale disassembly and blubber storage should not occur in the immediate area of the football pitches and should be kept to the shingled river banks. Fires for melting cauldrons should be kept under 30 metres high and skeletal structures and bone material should be placed in the green bags provided by the council. Longboats must not be parked South of the Waterloo bridge or they will be clamped and towed away.

Camels, Elephants and other beasts of burden are not allowed in Court Street and should not gather in caravans of more than 50 beasts. All excretions should be placed in the green bags provided by the council.

There is an ancient bye-law which should be noted. Anyone dressed in jester's costume or harlequin outfits in general can be shot and killed by members of the local populace using a bow and arrow between the hours of 11pm and 1am. Please note this on any travel insurance you may have as it may preclude you from any claims.

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