Email April 11th 2006

Subject: [FishFans] Re: Pricing.

Hi Guys,

I always find it interesting the way price wars develop! :-D Yesterday I put 'Return to Childhood' up on our site at £9.99 plus VAT, matching a price on a major on-line site. Today they dropped their price by a pound! :-D Coincidence? I don't think so!

I have one new title available in the next few months. This mail order company has hundreds if not thousands. I will not indulge them in a situation that means that I lose valuable income from one of my few new sources this year and will hang my price where it is at present! I cannot afford to make a 'point' on this issue and have seen too many small operations go bust while trying to compete with major chains.
This is the principal reason that we now no longer have independent record stores in our High Streets and why supermarkets can afford to make practically no profit on cd's as they are only there as 'lures' for larger profit generating goods. I'm not bitching, or moaning about this. We all let it go this way a while back and it ain't gonna change a thing!
I can't really compete with them on pricing but I can provide something a bit more on a spiritual and general 'feel good' level!
You buy from the artists, you support their operations. You are not supporting a share price or a corporate bonus check. You are supporting individuals trying to earn a living from making music in a modern world obsessed with turnover and commercialisation.
I am not going to decry anyone who wants to save a buck or a pound by buying from those outlets that operate by moving large quantities at cheaper prices. All I am saying is that when you are sipping your free trade coffee this morning try a wee spoonful of good old fashioned idealism and remember your 'local' artists when you log on next time and are thinking about buying your next album! ;-)

Thanks for listening! :-D

Onkel Fish

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