Email October 10th 2006

Subject: [FishFans] Re: Odin Dragonfly and Heather

Dear friends,

I am really sad to say that Heather Findlay and I parted company this weekend shortly after we returned from the tour. I know this will come as a great surprise to many as it was obvious we were very much in love. It has been very painful for both of us but we had to make a decision as to the long term of our relationship with particular regard to having a family together. Heather is a young woman who one day wants a family of her own and I am a 48 year old father of a teenage daughter. I had decided in April during my illness that I didn't want any more family as the prospect of being a father in my late 50's and 60's was too difficult and unfair to any children we might have.
It was obvious that somewhere in the future the decision would have to be made and the longer we continued our relationship the harder the eventual separation would become. We had ignored the reality of our situation for a few months as we were very much in love but circumstances brought the issue to the forefront of our lives last week. I respect Heather's decision and I understand completely her desire for her own family as she totally understands my reasons for not wanting any more children at this time of my Life. We are both heartbroken but have accepted each others wishes and desires. It is very hard for us both just now.

'Odin Dragonfly' were scheduled to appear on tour with us in November and with Heather heavily involved in the recording of the new 'Mostly Autumn' album it would have been an easy option to mark their pull out from the tour under the disguise of "studio pressures". However our separation due to "career commitment" would have been a lie and I didn't want any rumours or misconceptions to spread or for anyone to think badly about Heather.

I know you may think that this announcement is perhaps too frank and open but I wanted to be honest about our reasons as some of you came to know Heather well over the convention weekend and could see how close we were. This will come as a shock to many including my close friends and so I felt you deserved the truth as to our separation.

We will both miss each other badly but now have to get on with our own lives no matter how painful it is at the moment.

It is tragically ironic that the last time we were together was in Berlin on the final show where we sang the duet on "Just Good Friends" :-(


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