Email 12th January 2007

Subject: Re: [FishFans] Ticket Agents

Dear All,

I detest these ticket agencies but at this moment in time there are no other real alternatives.
Maybe it's time that promoters made a stand and conducted the sales themselves rather than involving third parties who in effect are making nearly as much as the artist does from the ticket price. We try our best to keep prices as reasonable as possible and in all honesty I am still dependent on merchandise sales to ensure my income from touring. Prices have been lifted on this tour as Yatta and I have decided to take back screen projection with attendant crew on this next production.
It's difficult trying to find a balance that suits everybody but it doesn't help when nearly 25% of the overall ticket price is being added to by a body who contribute very little to the event itself.
I would also urge anyone to buy directly from the venue if possible and avoid the corporate "skim"!

I seem to remember when I used to buy tickets when I was a "fan" of acts such as Elton John, Genesis, Yes, Wings or other major acts that I went along to the venue and bought them with no surcharges! The gigs were just as big then as they are now, so what made it all necessary for these levies to be added in the last 10 years or so?

With computer programmes and automation readily available for ticket printing, credit card/ payment collection, envelope printing, invoicing and statement issuing, and postage it's hard to see why we have to pay £5 or so per ticket for this service.

We are all aware of the problems and try our best to keep pricing from our end as fair as possible while trying at the same time to earn a living, thanks for your support.


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