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Fish 2007 - Miles de Besos

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, fans and the Company,

As the "Thirteenth Star" moves ever forward the days are starting to make sense again. All drums are completed and a large chunk of bass is down. This week Frank Usher had been adding his magic and as the songs take more form it's all getting rather exciting :-)

On Tuesday Steve, Frank, Tara and her friend and I went through to the ABC to see the 'Marillion' show. It was the best fun I had in ages. I actually really enjoyed the show and as it was the first time I had seen them for a very long time it was a different experience for me. The band has obviously changed dramatically over the years and though I must admit to missing the rockier edges the set came across well. It was great to see the boys again. It was also the first time that Tara had met her dad's old band and the first time I saw Michael, Ian's son, since he was a one year old in Gerrards Cross! Now a 19 year old "American" and a guitarist it was great to meet him. A fine young man. The band were blown away by Tara and she really enjoyed herself. Of course the night rolled on and we all went from a session in the dressing room and onto the tour bus back lounge for a few wee cheeky wines. We had a brilliant time with them and it was funny discussing teenagers and bringing up families while supping on tequila and red bull with H and the guys! :-D
Best moment of the evening was when Tara came into the upstairs lounge of the tour bus where we were all draped around chewing the fat and pizza take away washed down with a quaint bottle of Merlot or two. "Dad we have to go now, I've got school in the morning!" Oh how times have changed! :-D

The only dark cloud this week is hovering down South at the Brook in Southampton! Brin, who runs the venue and who has done an amazing job revitalizing music in the area had been told that the venue is to be sold and turned into flats. He is now fighting for survival and is rallying the troops with a petition to save the Brook. I know some of you know the gig well and as such will appreciate it's value to the community and to touring musicians who after years of waiting finally have a venue in that major city which is a credit to the place. Professional crew and management combined with great equipment specs, a clean homely backstage area and a in built crowd who know and appreciate good music is a rare item these days and I think it would be a tragedy to lose a jewel like this!
Please show your support for a vital rock and roll venue by signing the guest book. Brin would appreciate all the help he can get at the moment.

I've been working on lyrics again and the next for your perusal is "Miles De Besos" (Thousands of kisses). It was inspired by someone I met in Chile on the last tour. She wanted to get out of the country and restart her life elsewhere leaving behind a plague of ghosts. She never did.

The lyrics have been a trial in the last few weeks as the domestic situation was so stressful. I burst through the other side a few days ago and now Steve Vantsis and I are already talking about the next album and writing on tour. How much more positive do you want it? :-D I only have three lyrics to complete with all of those at least 50% there. I'm still tidying up here and there so there's a bit of tinkering. I have the time as vocals start in two weeks.
Foss is in this weekend after Frank while Steve is fitting his bass parts around availabilities. Chris Johnson arrives next Tuesday. Chris has assured his commitment to the album and tour and looks on this as a great opportunity. I'm looking forward to hearing him play as I believe he will contribute a lot once he has settled in to the band.

The garden is stunning and my Mum and dad have been wonderful this week. Weeding machines! :-D I've been breaking my time up between writing lyrics in the greenhouse while listening to material hot from the control room, weeding and planting out in the garden and getting on with my day to day stuff. It's relatively relaxed now and the atmosphere in the studio is positive and uplifting after recent events.

More news in the next week or so as the album progresses but for now here's the next lyric:

Miles de Besos

Rain comes; delivered in the city, wash the feet of the angels at play,
Waters graced with garlands of roses, in the Conchya Torro the fountains cry.

I play the Prince; you play Ophelia, tragedies dance in the light of your eyes,
Sauvignon Blanc toasting the sunset and a life in a tomb under a ceiling of stars.
We lay back and gazed at the stars,

Shadows crawl under the crater walls, Santiago, the Chilean dawn,
High on dreams you feel you can touch the sky,
I did believe that you really could fly.

All I could offer was miles de besos,
A heart full of hope and the wings of a prayer,
Storms gather high in the mountains,
Somehow I know that you’ll never arrive,
You’ll never fly

All I could offer was miles de besos,
A heart full of hope and the wings of a prayer,
Storms gather high in the mountains,
Somehow I know that you’ll never arrive,

Miles de besos

Did you think that it meant nothing to me, that when you disappeared I could walk away?

Did you know that you broke my heart and left a scar that never fades away.

Miles de besos.

c Derek Dick 2007

take care, stay alive
Onkel Fish


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