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Fish 2007 - Dreams inside the Sun

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, Fans and the Company,

Woke up to a double page in the Scottish Sun today :-D My old mate Matt Bendores, who covered the convention last year, came down yesterday with a photographer and delivered a rather supportive article in the centre pages! As always a wee bit exaggeration and a few extra "quotes" makes for good reading but overall it was the most positive thing I have had for a while. Loved this: "Fish has always been the heart on his sleeve type. It's helped make his web blog a cult hit. His Internet ramblings are a brilliant mix of mind numbing banality and unexpected drama!" :-D The web site got a big check at the end of the article and that, boys and girls and small furry animals, is what it's all about just now!

A full page in the Hearts v Hibs programme for August 6th (I mentioned the famous 0-7 game at Tynie that I saw when we gubbed them on New Years Day '73 for the historic derby record) and XFM Scotland Breakfast show next Friday. Press is starting to pick up now at just the right time for the album release and the UK tour. And with a serious press officer down in London and hopefully a new TV promo person on board in the next two weeks it should be a lot better than the "Return to Childhood" promotion.

Photographer Tony Marsh is conducting a photo shoot in the next week or so and we have some interesting ideas for sets etc. It's about time I had a new set of photos for the promo guys, it's been about two years since the last session.

Another date has been added on Thursday 6th September. It's a Planet Rock special and will be at the Jam House in Queen Street, Edinburgh (the old BBC buildings.) It's a free ticket affair and they are only available through the Planet Rock site as giveaways. The gig will be recorded and broadcast later in the year. The promotion should start at middle of August so listen in if you want a chance to win tickets.

Tosh comes up pre-party to discuss the back projections for the tour and to see what is feasible or not. Lots of ideas kicking around, now just have to try and make them work. I want to get something special going on this tour as far as production goes.

I am playing in Tromso, Norway with the SAS band on the 16th and 17th August. It's a corporate gig for SAS hotels who are opening their new Radisson in the town that weekend. Should be fun! ;-)
First gig with them for a while. I may be free for the Xmas gigs as my tour stops on the 10th December. I would have carried on with my shows right up to the holidays but I originally called it to a halt there to allow my ex to sing with her band as they wanted to play some shows at that time. So, although we won't have our shows, it will mean that I can play with the SAS mob for the first time in a couple of years!

I had my eyes tested two days ago and was told I was one of the 1 in 5 people who can't get their eyes lasered as my problem is short-sightedness. B0ll0cks! I am trying out contact lenses but I hate them. Too fiddly and as I write I have one lens lost behind my eyelid! Bugger :-D I keep forgetting to stop rubbing my eyes and am finding it difficult to get the lenses in and out. A bit of banality to entertain you :-D

Hibs versus Middlesborough in a friendly tomorrow (we whacked Bolton on Wednesday 3-0) and a quiet weekend beckons before the run up to the party. Long range forecast looks OK with rain in the morning but clearer later on. We are all under cover anyway so it doesn't matter ;-)
All is under control; the pigs are ordered for the roast, the marquees arrive Thursday, the PA on Saturday, the Tyneside has the bar together, the bands are on call, all in good shape and longing for kick off. I am looking forward to seeing so many old friends again and hearing the album later this week. Calum is over the moon with his mixes and I am dying to hear them. I won't hear anything till probably Wednesday when Steve V comes up.

And that is the cue for the last remaining lyric of "13th Star". This is the opening song on the album.

Circle Line

Just another day on the circle line, losing myself as I follow signs,
Beneath the surface underground I keep my feelings deep inside.

Just another face in another crowd, taking my place without a sound,
I follow strangers blindly through toward the so familiar doors.

Just another day, just another day, another day.

I always depart but I never arrive, never a moment passes by when I feel I'm not treading water in a sea of drifting souls.

No way out, there's no escape, running blind and running scared
and the cctv cameras track my movements in the maze,

9 to 5's the only time I try to kid myself that I'm still alive,
that I'm living out the dream to earn my freedom from this rat race where all I do's survive, I live the lie, I serve my time.

On the circle line.

Round and round and round and round and round and round I go!

9 to 5's the only time I try to kid myself that I'm still alive,
that I'm living out the dream to earn my freedom from this rat race where all I do's survive, I live the lie, I serve my time.

Just another day, just another day, just another day,
Just another day, just another day, just another day on the circle line.

Navigator, need a navigator, a navigator, need a navigator.

I'm going down, I'm going down on the circle line,

The piper calls you forward with an ancient tune,
And you follow down empty corridors,
To take you on a journey to another world,
To take you on a journey to the stars.

c Derek W Dick 2007

And that, folks, is it! The next thing from the album you will hear will be the first mixes. Hopefully they will be up soon after the party! I can't wait to hear them myself :-)
Till then
take care and stay alive

Onkel Fish xx

PS. In the Sun on Tuesday Zoe was Page 3 again! She has just turned 26! A belated Happy Birthday Zoe! :-D
The song remains the same though! ;-)

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