Email September 16th 2007

Fish 2007 - Gig cancellations

Dear FishHeads, Freaks, fans and the Company,

First of all I can only apologise for the cancellation of last night's gig at such short notice. It took me, in all honesty, completely by surprise. The Newcastle gig had gone really well and I was fully aware of the "three in a row" and had an early night waking up in Manchester feeling physically fine. I drifted through the afternoon with no worries and a voice that was a wee bit rough as you would expect after a week containing three happening shows and a day off which had me in the Edinburgh BBC studios for nearly 6 hours conducting interviews before heading down to Newcastle for the gig there. Nothing out the ordinary.
At sound check there were a few "holes" in the range but again nothing that couldn't be sorted with a decent warm up. I went to dinner with Tara who has joined us on the road for a few days helping out on the merch stall. She noticed I was off colour and on feeling my forehead pointed out that it was ice cold. I hadn't noticed, I felt fine.
I knew I had to conduct an extended warm up and ran through a 15 minute session which didn't fill me with confidence. At this point it was 7.30 and doors were open. I had 90 minutes to pull it together. I left it for twenty minutes and ran through another warm up. The voice wasn't opening up and in fact it was shutting down even more. I let my concerns known to Yatta. It was now 8 o'clock. The support band was on and they were told to extend their set to give me time. I tried again to loosen up and by this time my voice was fading quickly and I was struggling to speak. I lost my entire top range in a matter of fifteen minutes. I made the decision to pull the gig and to pull the Sheffield show as I knew from experience that whatever I had was not a simple vocal strain.
Meanwhile Yatta was talking to the UK promoter so we could at least provide an alternative date rather than simply cancel. I volunteered to go on stage and tell the crowd who I knew were not going to be happy. I wasn't going to hide.

It all happened so fast and there was nothing I could do about it. The announcement had to be made quickly and we weren't aware that there were people still trying to get in the hall who would miss what was being said from the PA. I also was not thinking about playbacks of the album or anything else apart from sorting out a replacement date and how the tickets would be dealt with for that date.

I didn't want to go on stage and perform what would have been an excruciating performance for both me and the fans. If I sang two songs and walked off the tickets would be invalidated. If I delivered a "passionate" but seriously substandard performance I would have undermined all the positive vibes and energies surrounding recent weeks and the "13th Star" album and given my detractors ammunition they are currently desperate for to shoot me down as the "13th Star" continues its ascent.
To have attempted to sing last night would have acerbated the problem and put myself well and truly behind the 8 ball for the rest of the UK tour. I was caught between a rock and a very hard place!
I chose to retreat and regroup and return to what are important cities and fan bases when I am fully fit. I am truly sorry for those out there who made arrangements and travelled distances for the show and to those of you who made the effort to get to Manchester I sincerely apologise.

As is, the gigs are rescheduled and I am writing this from a hotel in Holmfirth where I am on silent routine for two days and seeing a doctor tomorrow. My fingers are firmly crossed and I am praying that what I have will be treated by two days off and some rest.

Thanks to those of you who have shown great understanding at my predicament and to my decision. For those of you who lost out I will try and make it up to you some way or another.

I am sorry for your disappointment but no one is more disappointed than me at this turn of events which are totally unexpected and incredibly frustrating, and totally out of my control.

Again I can only apologise for any inconveniences caused.

Thanks for your understanding.



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