Email 4th December 2008

Fish 2008 - The 13th Star

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, fans and the Company,

At 9.30 am on the 18th November in the upstairs back lounge of an empty Trathens Starriders Number 1 bus land wired outside Bolton Albert Halls on a day off I proposed to my girlfriend Katie Webb. I am delighted to announce she accepted and that we are now officially engaged and living together up here in a very warm cosy studio in freezing East Lothian. :-)

We have been going out together for almost a year and as most of you already know she has been on the road with me as our merchandiser for the last two legs of the "13th Star" tour.
I knew that if we could live together on a bus on tour and handle being on the road as a couple we could do anything.
Never a day passed without smiles and laughter and anyone that can calm "the Bear" was the right girl for me. ;-)

It seemed appropriate that I should propose in "Dusters Lounge" on the bus that I'd lived on for miles and months over the years, where Katie and I spent out first night together and which was about to be retired after too many tours of duty.

(Katie and I hope we can get the actual lounge couches for our house when Number 1 finally parks up! :-D )

A lot of you met her on tour and since Bolton our engagement wasn't the best kept secret. Especially when I announced in an "off the cuff" fashion on stage at the Glasgow Academy before "Cliche"! Many missed it and others thought their hearing deceived them but as the dates went by it was difficult for us to keep quiet and the sparkling ring on Katie's finger was noticed by quite a few observant fans on the merch stall! :-)

Those who have met her know her to be a lovely, bright and bubbly lady who always wears a smile and our friends and families can't help but notice how happy we are together.

It's ironic that this album and tour began in the ashes of the Summer of last year as the "Search for the 13th Star" and no one is happier than me to announce a successful conclusion in all aspects of the mission. :-)

I have found a wonderful person who is supportive and loving and who contributes a great deal to my Life.

Now as the tour dust settles we are putting our new home together, very much in love and basking in star light.

lots of love
Onkel Fish xx :-) :-) :-)


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