Email 23rd June 2009

Fish 2009 - A Big Thank You

Dear FishHeads, Freaks, fans and the Company

Now that the dust seems to be settling and things are getting back to normal (or as normal as they get in East Lothian Enders) I just want to say a huge, hearty and sincere thanks from my wife and myself for all your good wishes over our recent wedding and for all your support and messages in the last couple of weeks with regard to the NOTW "revelations".

It's been a roller coaster ride recently and I admit to nearly falling out of the carriage a couple of times.
Your messages really meant a lot to both of us and I am just looking forward to a great convention and seeing old friends and meeting new faces.

It's going to be a tough rehearsal period as we have 2 nights of 2 hours apiece to put together set-wise in three weeks and there are a hell of a lot of numbers we have never played together as a band and a lot of those have never been played for years.
I find it strange when we have songs in the set that are 27 years old!!! :shock:

Foss, Frank and I spent a couple of days working out key changes for the sets and it was getting a little bit like limbo dancing.
"Lower! Lower!" :-D (Why, oh why did I insist on singing falsetto back then? :-|)

Interesting thing was that as we were working them out on piano and acoustic guitar the versions we were playing in a really simple form sounded absolutely brilliant. And from that cunning plans were born ;-)
Don't worry the main sets will be electric and it's going to be quite emotional in places as some of these songs get an airing for the first in a very long time.
We lost the Cagliari open air that was going to be a warm up at the end of July so we will be dancing on stage straight from rehearsals. It should be fun! :-D

We are all nervous as we should be and I am sure that when the last note on the Sunday gig disappears into the night you will hear a huge collective sigh of relief! Nothing like a bit of stress to keep you on your toes. :-)

I have no worries as the band is currently doing their homework and the sets work really well. Something for everyone, and more.
All the best Freaks are here! ;-)

I am away to Norway today with KT, Mark Wilkinson and his wife Julie.
We are spending a couple of nights in Holmsbu with our friendly Vikings before sailing down to Denmark and Mark's exhibition on Saturday.
It's the last respite before the onslaught of the preparation for the convention.
It's a perfect piece of R and R as we will be staying in a spa where your singer can clean his smoke free lungs and attempt to begin an assault on the excess pounds that have accrued since the last tour.
Feeling good! ;-)

Once again profound and sincere thanks from Katie and I for all your support and we look forward to seeing you all at our first gig as Mr and Mrs Dick! :D

Lots of love
Onkel and Auntie Fish xx :lol:

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