Email 10th August 2009

Fish 2009 - The Debris

Dear FishHeads, freaks, fans and the Company,

I have literally arrived home about an hour ago and am in some pain as you might expect! X;{

This is a quick little hello and a statement about the weekend,

Firstly to all of you who attended I want to offer a huge thanks from everyone who performed and was involved in my immediate side of the operation for providing an amazing experience and a distinctly memorable weekend. I think it worked as a whole.


I am due a couple of apologies,

The after show party? When we booked the venue I was told we had a bar until 2am on the Sunday.
I didn't know that the circumstances had changed until far too late in the day and after performing the 2hr 45 minute set on the Sunday I wasn't capable of thinking on an organizational front.
It was only after a minor barrage of text messages that I understood it had all gone Pete Tong.
The venue staff were fantastic and I don't want to place any blame on them.
My call. I screwed up, sorry! :-[

After all Doc Bob put into the Penguin hunt I never announced the winners on stage. Again sorry! :-[

To my American friend who is the New York Rangers, ice hockey fan.
Don't burn your CDs. It's not a Wuss game and American football is a tough sport and I didn't mean to offend you.
It was backstage, you had a shirt that said "Rangers" in blue, white and red, a week before our soccer season starts, I was 4 sheets to the wind and Scottish comedy is brutal! :-!

And I am sorry that

I didn't spend as much time with some people that I should have, but.............

I screwed up the "13th Star" section on the Saturday.
I couldn't hear anything out the monitors, the light was dim, I didn't have my glasses on and couldn't read the lyric sheets, I couldn't hear the band, it all went tits up and I lost it. Three weeks of rehearsals screwed up by technology :-!

I didn't play "Grendel"! :-D

I am happy that

We brought together some of the finest human beings on the planet and created a piece of magic in this shadowed World that can be locked in our memories and which we can hopefully cherish for years to come.

You are the Company I choose! ;-)

lots of love and heartfelt thanks for a great weekend @>----

Onkel Fish

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