SquirrelMail configtest

This script will try to check some aspects of your SquirrelMail configuration and point you to errors whereever it can find them. You need to go run conf.pl in the config/ directory first before you run this script.

SquirrelMail version:1.4.22
Config file version:1.4.0
Config file last modified:28 July 2015 16:00:11

Checking PHP configuration...
    PHP version 7.0.33-0ubuntu0.16.04.7 OK.
    Running as web2(5004) / client1(5006)
    error_reporting: 22527
    variables_order OK: GPCS.
    PHP extensions OK. Dynamic loading is disabled.

    ERROR: You have configured PHP not to allow short tags (short_open_tag=off). This shouldn't be a problem with SquirrelMail or any plugin coded coded according to the SquirrelMail Coding Guidelines, but if you experience problems with PHP code being displayed in some of the pages and changing setting to "on" solves the problem, please file a bug report against the failing plugin. The correct contact information is most likely to be found in the plugin documentation.

Checking paths...
    Data dir OK.
    Attachment dir OK.
    Plugins are not enabled in config.
    Themes OK.
    Default language OK.
    Base URL detected as: http://fish-thecompany.com/fishmail/src (location base autodetected)
Checking outgoing mail service....

    ERROR: Location of sendmail program incorrect (/usr/sbin/sendmail)!