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A place to share your writings...

Tue May 18, 2010 11:50 pm

Do you have any prose, poems, short stories that you want to share?
Feel free to post here, whether Marillion related or not.

I will start it off with a poem, called the Child (about losing and finding the inner child, and which is easily connected to Misplaced Childhood).
Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment. (It may be a bit cliche, but I still like it)

The Child

The baby cried
And the tear dropped,
Glistening in the pale sunlight
As leaves swirled
In lovely disarray,
Dancing to some unknown melody
The wind provided.
As I crawled on all fours
Once more...
Rediscovering beauty
And the child
I once had lost
Or left alone somewhere.
Reunited in sorrow
But no longer forlorn.
And though her smile was sad
And though she cried,
I found heaven in her voice
In those silent complaints
And pleading eyes,
That so narrowly missed
Untimely death...
I felt the child within me
Grown bitter with time perhaps
But yet she smiled...
And the trees bent over
To lay their fruits
At her feet
And the birds sang sweet melodies
Of long lost love
And early promises
That died on young lips,
But where brought again to me
By the wayward wind.
Soft words clinging to me
Holding on with dear life
Lest my stubborn ears
Not hear...
Now I feel them embrace me
With soothing hands,
Whispering comforts
About gentle lives
Laying you down beside me
As you take your last breath
And I take mine...
Sleep now my sweet child
And I'll close me eyes
Sleep now,
We are together at last.

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Re: A place to share your writings...

Thu May 20, 2010 1:55 pm

If you could listen

If you could believe these words,
See them as a sunset
Bleeding over floors,
Feel them orange existence
And light walls,
Understand they reach
And grope to home a thought,
So easily you'd realize
They know no boundaries
No end… No Code.

They breathe in colors
And paint the tree you hide upon
They hue the leaves that hold your hope
They root the very existence
Of your thought

If you could listen
Then you would smile
And common the sense
Grown cold and hard

If you could listen
You would understand
The love in words,
The loving held

If you could listen,

I know you'd smile.

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Re: A place to share your writings...

Thu May 20, 2010 9:48 pm

Another beautiful piece. - I can't quite believe that English isn't your first language, you are so fluent and accomplished. - Do you write in Spanish and then translate, or compose purely in English?

I'll try to get something of mine up sometime soon.

Re: A place to share your writings...

Fri May 21, 2010 12:10 am

arcademannequin wrote:Another beautiful piece. - I can't quite believe that English isn't your first language, you are so fluent and accomplished. - Do you write in Spanish and then translate, or compose purely in English?

I'll try to get something of mine up sometime soon.


If you see it in English it means I wrote it in English. :) I feel as comfortable with English as I do with Spanish (maybe because I started learning since a child and went to a fully bilingual school) The problem is I sometimes muddle up my Spanish and it also happens the other way around, it is a mutual interference between the two languages haha.

I do write in Spanish as well, sometimes an idea or phrase will come to me in English, and sometimes in Spanish, so I just go from there. I did try translating a couple of my poems which I had originally written in Spanish, but that never works, it just never flows as it should.

Re: A place to share your writings...

Sat May 29, 2010 10:20 pm

This is a poem i wrote a long time ago and in the dark of winter. - I guess it's about being on the monotonous treadmill of work and lacking inspiration and creative drive. - Bit embarrassing really. I've never shown anyone my poetry before!

To the bright, silver crystal ground,
my ruddy cheek i lower;
through the whispered smoke of my laboured exhalation.
The hope, that winter's brittle frost
might sting upon me fever fast,
so some part of my aching heart may die with the fading year.

The cold, crimson bowl of my ear,
to the deathly sunken sky turned upward;
to catch and hark and contemplate
the snowflake's secret;
and what to tell a mortal from another,
fading fast and melting upon my relative warmth.

From a worm's eye, i follow
the shadowed, trailing tracks
of a starving thrush;
along, among roots and then up and up;
into its tangled twisted nest of death,
where eggs were once laid and fresh;

And all the while, magnetic silence lingers;
and maggots gorge themselves on every bleeding cut.
My eyes perceive the cell walls briefly widen;
yet frosted now, the door stays firmly shut.

If i could but once raise my heavy, leaden head
and call upon what vittles from breakfast remain;
i might unbolt the door, step out and find the freedom;
but with youth's marble, the joys are carven into pain.

The granite face of age is pitted over.
Conformity has chiselled every line.
If i could once recall the arts i dreamt of,
sweep over them my paintbrush,
dispel each mindless task and chore to joy,
could any mock what i'd sign off as mine?

But i am stuck here, the fusion of
warm cheek and snow;
to hold me still in sculptured sediment
that i might be a living snowman;
fashioned from the joys of childhood, yet cold of heart.
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Re: A place to share your writings...

Mon May 31, 2010 3:09 am

I think that is a really beautiful poem, arcademannequin!!!
Beautifully written, great imagery, and it also mirrors thoughts I have had, and still have at times, so perhaps that also makes me appreciate it a lot more.
To me, it is a mighty fine piece of writing.
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Re: A place to share your writings...

Fri Jun 04, 2010 9:08 pm

Thanks. That means a lot. - It's nice to hear a bit of feedback, given that i hardly ever show my poems to anyone but my partner! - Please keep yours coming. I enjoy reading them.

Re: A place to share your writings...

Wed Jun 09, 2010 2:58 pm

Another poem written many years ago, inspired by simply sitting in the garden on a very hot summer's day and surrounded by my flowers! -

'Verbiscum Shadows'

When persistant purple fingers
of verbiscum shadow,
slip silently through long grass,
and make a darkened mote of all
through which they pass;
Caressing subtle daisy-white and poppy-red,
and gentler the mosaic of each flower bed.

When sunlight makes a galaxy
of every modest pond;
a billion bright and liquid stars,
sinking through the depths of all creation;
and no amount of noise from planes or cars,
can break the spell of silence and elation;

and has the slashing scalpel of the sun,
severed me from soul and sent it torn,
to bound from all my sloth and slumped solidity,
to chase the golden dreams of children through the summer corn.

What days are these, to stupor and to scorch?
Considering every form of nature's giving;
and less the vigour 'neath the burning torch,
so we are forced to sit and study all that's living.

Through obfuscating shade, i find a place,
to fix my eyes upon and then consider;
that i myself, innate, am but a seed.
A stem to grow. A bud to bloom or wither.

This thought i yearn to shake. This sad conclusion;
though endless seem the hours of a summer's day;
Fruition reached. The ending and the harvest.
We fool ourselves, for death is on its way.

Yet even as i write this, such illusion!
Beguiling equanimity ensues.
No death lies in those dark verbiscum shadows,
but life bedecked in summer's glory hues.
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Re: A place to share your writings...

Wed Jun 09, 2010 3:06 pm

Again, absolutely beautiful.

We are brought along with you to contemplate all of nature's beauties. Quiet contemplation under a warm sun. Such a beautiful poem to read, any thoughts of death that you might call upon towards the end, quickly dispelled, there is just too much life in the rest of it. Even if you are just watching/studying all that is living - that is a lot of life to be seen!

Re: A place to share your writings...

Thu Jun 10, 2010 4:15 pm

Ok, here is another one, maybe about 1 year old. It was actually inspired by a bird that flew into my windshield, there was something really tragic, suicidal and poetic about it, and so this was born. I felt that the nature or essence of that bird was somehow held within humans, or at least myself, to some extent.

Some part

Some part has relinquished love

The self resembling highway birds
flying into windshields,
painting blood flowers on glass,
trickling crimson rivers of
feathered warmth.

The self akin to fragile creatures,
Nature marred in every breath.
Life sliced by painted glass,
broken, in a dying frame.

Some part has given up hope, yes.
The rest gives dreams to wings,
but has not lived yet,
as the bird rolls over and sleeps
on its plush red carpet.

And yet to die would be
a peace to end all wars…

In this scarlet bed
I lavish dreams upon,
the beginning of the end
cannot be traced.
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