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Fri Jun 20, 2014 11:49 pm

Just continuing to enjoy Fish and the brilliant inspiration that goes along with being a fan! I would like to have some feedback on this tune I am recording, and not sure where else to post it. Please notify me about a proper place for this type of post. THANKS!! ... tion=share

I know your weary, I know its been awhile, but hear that crying?
that's your newborn child
-Through a fog, without an ounce of strength to spare
I turned my head away, as if I didn't care
(the nurse said)
Here's your baby, from here on out you're one
She will love you, no matter what you've done,
My call came suddenly, it came out of the blue
to go and do the things, that I was trained to do
-The call of battle, can rattle anyone
But when its real you know, it changes everyone
But You're my baby, you're my only one
The one who loves me, no matter what I've done
And I fight for you, as I fight for myself, and I fight for the ones
who can't fight for themselves
I heard my grandpa say, he fought his way through hell
For other families, when other daddys fell
You know I'm working, you know I've been away
You know I love you, but I get in the way
-In just a little while, I'll be home, you'll see
Just cuddle Grandma, and kiss my dog for me
Cause you're my baby, you're my only one
The one who loves me, no matter what I've done
what I've done
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Re: General Chat Thread

Sat Jun 21, 2014 4:30 am

arcademannequin wrote:
zazabi wrote:
Andyboy67 wrote:Viva La France :-D

I've got them in the world cup sweep at work . . . . . You never know and cus there are so many nice French people on here and England are shite !! Thats who im rooting for now. ;-)

Mmm I won't comment, they're such a bunch of spoilt idiots.
Sorry :oops:

True of all footballers. This is why it doesn't bother me if and when England lose. - My contempt for them far outweighs my patriotism. ;)

I have to agree with you both there .

Re: General Chat Thread

Tue Jun 24, 2014 1:17 pm

Clutcher of Straws wrote:I`m even more confused. Tried to find a way of accessing the new forum at work ( net access restricted ) to find we can still post here. I thought when John said this was being kept as an archive that being able to post would stop and we would be obliged to refrain from our Luddite ways?

I turned off posting new topics - But now I've turned off replying - brave new world people.

By the way - I've set up a 'Lounge' in the new forum which replaces the General Chat Thread. If you can't access it - shoot me a PM over there.

Over and out!

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