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The Poetry of Fish...

Sun Jul 20, 2008 7:50 pm

Mobius Girl wrote:When you first shared this poem with me, I felt you had captured exactly the process and experiences I went through in trusting the men of my past, who just turned and walked away. I feared, in pretense of the word, that I would end up hurt again when I met Beowulf for the first time, afraid he'd walk away too. Your poetry is brilliantly well thought out and expressively written, Jarsis. Thanks for sharing here, as I know you are very talented in writing such beautiful poetry as you do, even if it has a dark realness attached to it's prose. More Please ;D

... and of course, my beloved Mobius Girl, I shall never turn away; for with you I have found my true home.
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The Poetry of Fish...

Tue Aug 26, 2008 8:36 am

The Step

Standing in darkness, mind whirling,
Eyes, stinging with tears of desperation.
Heart pounding, mouth dry, lump in the throat.
Want to shout…… mouth……no sound!

Toes feel the edge of the cliff.
Do I step off…….do I stay?
This dark land of my past
Grips me and slowly bleeds me dry.

I see you before me,
Strong, gentle and loving.
But……is it you I see?
Or what I wish you to be?

You call to me gently
From the sunlight…….
I feel love …..
But is it real?

If I step…..
Will you catch me?
Will your arms envelope
And keep me from harm?

I look in your eyes,

I trust,

I step ……..

The Poetry of Fish...

Wed Aug 27, 2008 2:39 pm

Ghosts frozen in frost-bitten frames
Photographic phantoms from times long forgotten
Float through empty playgrounds
Their chilling aura rattles window frames
While they sit upon abandoned swings
Silently reflecting on reasons no longer seen
By the crows that converse with whispering winds
Beneath silver moonlight blonde hair turns to grey
Yet bereavement for the departed beloved remains
Rain clouds creep upon cold glassy eyes
After shrouds of silk soaked up every tear
Torn down cathedrals are perfect sanctuaries
At the same altar mortal bounds were tied and severed
Faded faces have forever to await the inevitable

Re: The Poetry of Fish...

Thu Oct 22, 2009 6:18 pm

OK, so maybe this is just me showing off but....

For Fish influences read:

Mosh Pits and Bloood Baths (got a bit of inspiration for the first stanza from the last verse of Market Square Heroes)

For more tenuous links:

I Love You, You Know (simply because its title is like He Knows, You Know")
Lies and Greasepaint Masks
I Got Nothing (similar story to Cliche)
Moment of Clarity (experienced while listening to Fish)

I think that's all. If you press the button back to "Blonde-Walf's gallery", there are some Fish-inspired drawings in "Random Drawings" and 2 picturres of the Fish himself in "School and Homework"

Enjoy :P

Re: The Poetry of Fish...

Thu Oct 22, 2009 6:20 pm

Oh, and the ones on here that I've read are absolutely great!! :D I must read the rest....

Re: The Poetry of Fish...

Wed May 19, 2010 2:40 am

jamie1990 wrote:I've written alot of poems and write regulary depending on inspiration. I've posted them on my bebo blog and on various other forums to positive feedback so I'll post a couple here:

Beneath the Crimson Sun:

Beneath a crimson sunset
Your face sailed from my view
Held in a tear soaked trance
My world just a speck on the horizon

Walking through a wallowing wilderness
A singular shadow by my side
This constant companion comfortless
Upon a bridge I can never cross

But the company fades
When the night falls and I awake
Calling out your name
Hoping the nightmare over

Though beneath a crimson sunrise
I realise my nightmare's begun
I would swap an endless life at a shadow's side
For a second's meeting of eyes

An Ear to the Wall:

Often I find myself with an ear to the wall
Sleep shattered by stone cold conflict
Cracked parental misconceptions
Fragment on the floor of estimation like Quasimodo's mirror

Donning the facade of family
Concealing constant confrontation
As a classroom clown
Deflects abrasive attention
Behind a mask of merry mockery

Flicking through photographs
I incinerate memories
Fleeting momentary delusion
Captivated by flashing light
Prolonging mere instants

Wandering a walled garden
Of throttling tentacular ivy
Picked as unripened fruits
Dissected by displaced decision
By the supposed proud gardener

Killer in a Glass:

Intimacy with an empty bottle
Is my perfect night, my idea of freedom
Meeting within glass cylinders
The kiss of poison beverage
Betrayed by it's scent

I begin descent into madness
Via over-indulgent self pity
Constant comforting confusion
All worries cast away
Only to wash up later
Stomp on the shores of my mind

A cranium invaded
By thoughts unlike my own
Enslaving all hope
Cut deep beneath bone
Spilling no blood
On tear slicked slopes
The sickly silent killer
Snatches its sedated victims

These are all very good. I am new to the forum and was looking for a poetry thread, I thought there was none, but I was wrong!!

Re: The Poetry of Fish...

Wed May 19, 2010 2:47 am

Many great poems in here. I will try to comment more individually in the future, as new ones are posted.
In the meantime, I will post a really old one of mine (or maybe a few). This one is about the inner child/misplaced childhood. (To keep it Marillion related hehe)

The Child

The baby cried
And the tear dropped,
Glistening in the pale sunlight
As leaves swirled
In lovely disarray,
Dancing to some unknown melody
The wind provided.
As I crawled on all fours
Once more...
Rediscovering beauty
And the child
I once had lost
Or left alone somewhere,
Reunited in sorrow
But no longer forlorn.
And though her smile was sad
And though she cried,
I found heaven in her voice
In those silent complaints
And pleading eyes,
That so narrowly missed
Untimely death...
I felt the child within me
Grown bitter with time perhaps
But yet she smiled...
And the trees bent over
To lay their fruits
At her feet
And the birds sang sweet melodies
Of long lost love
And early promises
That died on young lips,
But where brought again to me
By the wayward wind.
Soft words clinging to me
Holding on with dear life
Lest my stubborn ears
Not hear...
Now I feel them embrace me
With soothing hands,
Whispering comforts
About gentle lives
Laying you down beside me
As you take your last breath
And I take mine...
Sleep now my sweet child
And I'll close me eyes
Sleep now,
We are together at last.


Re: The Poetry of Fish...

Wed May 19, 2010 2:53 am

Here is another one, really short.


She lay her bones
In the altar of stone
In quiet offering,
This is all that remains...
This small frame of a person,
The birds have removed the rest

This is all that is left...
And her darkest secret
She reveals,
All her life ruled
By fear of abandon...

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