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Mick Pointer Script

Thu Feb 27, 2014 5:40 pm

Just recieved my copy of the live Album Script revisted I pre-ordered here.

Good artwork, signed autgraph as promised. Brilliant sound and the proof that it is possible to play the 83' songs excat the way the had been played, even with a better recording quality. It is definitely worth its 13 GBP.

Think about Mick what you like, I used to be a drummer an I never heard bad mistakes or of beats. Wrong beats were also told about Lars Ulrich from Metallica, which I noticed neither. Don't get me wrong, there is only one true and real line up and that is Fish, Ian Mosley, PT, SR, MK. But I like Marillion cover bands an that is what I think about Mick Pointers release. A very good cover band.
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