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Re: The Thirteenth Star

Sat Jun 07, 2014 9:11 am

13th Star is the Fish album I would take to the desert island, for the emotional rollercoaster it is and the biting rock TNN refers to. The whole album hangs together really well for me and takes me on a journey today the same way it did back in 2007.

I don't agree it's a much stronger album than 'Feast', which I think is probably technically Fish's best album , has some of his best, most mature and intelligent lyrics, some great tracks , and is probably Fish's most important 'statement', fully deserving the widespread respect it has earned so far.

While I recognise 'CaS' was probably the best album he did with Marillion, 'Misplaced' was always my favourite. It is the same for me with '13th' and 'Feast'.

'13th' and 'Feast' are back-to-back albums that for me represent the high watermark of at least the solo career. I do hope that the Fish-Steve Vantsis-Calum Malcolm core team go on to come up with something just as special to complete what would be a very fine trilogy of works.
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