Heres the place to talk about Fish in general

ok as a slight follow up to my Leamington thread

Thu Jan 09, 2014 10:41 am

As I said on that thread it was the emotion of the cd that brought me here, where I've found many like mided sould who love this music.

Reading the posts from many years back its clear it isn't just me that has this depth of feeling about this. Although music has been massively important in my life the Fish era Marillion stuff and the Solo stuff of Fish has its own special place in my life. It plays in the champions league as it were ;) :D

Well as I said on that other thread , it made me realise how much I'd missed the company of fish heads.

since coming here I have listened to an awful lot more Fish and many of the albums and tracks that didn't initially get into me have done so now in a major way.

I know it will sound like heresey but 13th Star really didn't do it for me when it came out.

Bouyed by comments on here I gave it a go and the difference is startling.

Last night I 'got' arc of the curve - listened to it a dozen times since and can't hear it enough. I suppose what i really need was the encouragement to keep at it. This music requires concentration and attention initially, until it becomes a part of you, then its second nature

Always used to love crowd watching at Marillion gigs in the 80's - you could tell the girfriends that had been dragged along as they stared open mouthed at the complex clapping routines the crowd would do :D
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