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Mon May 26, 2014 6:20 pm

in a hospital,a family of a badly ill patient is waiting for the doctor....when he finally arrives,this one says to the worried family:
- "I'm sorry but I have some bad news";when he sees the worried and sad faces in front of him,he goes on:
- "but there is maybe a last solution:it's dangerous and expensive and there's no social security for this operation:we could practise a brain graft but like I said,it has a coast"

one of the family member asks:"how much does a brain coast?"

- "it depends if you choose a female or a male'sbrain:a female coast 5000£ and a male 200£"

- "why so much difference?" asks a lady (smiling)

and the doctor says: "the male ones have already been used but the female ones are like new" :mrgreen:
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