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The Blunder From Downunder

Mon Feb 18, 2013 11:23 pm


Thankyou, thankyouverymuch. Popping my cherry with my first post!

I can remember it as clear as can be (how could I forget!) I was 25 years young. 2007. A late starter, yes, but a starter nonetheless. I'd caught up with an old friend from the uni days, we used to have a band that would terrorize the ears of the local fraternity. One of our favourite things to do was to hit the local record stores for 2nd hand gems and obscure stuff that hasn't been converted to CD. Mainly hard rock and metal.
It's all besides the point but... this time we had caught up after years apart, hugged, jammed around a bit, then gone out for a nostalgia trip to CD stores. My friend purchased the remaster of Script and played it for me on the way home in the car. I had no idea who the hell Marillion was!! No clue whatsoever. Totally fresh ears. (Ain't that the best way sometimes?!)
My mate played me song 4. The keys got louder and louder...
Garden Party was the first song I ever heard! Heck, I wasn't even into prog of any kind. The band was unbelievable to my ears, but those lyrics, my God those lyrics!!
The liner notes on the remaster were great!! They really help you get into the listening experience.
Theatrical, dramatical, I got it right away. You could tell it was uncool and unhip right off the bat. Then I got a look at the band members. Looked like a regular bunch of guys (but boy, can they play!)

I don't know what more to say. His lyrics have helped me through some dark times, thrown me into some dark places as well!

I still am yet to see a Marillion/Fish t-shirt on the streets. I have never met a Marillion/Fish fan!!! Half a dozen years! Besides that original friend of mine (who really isn't quite as into it as myself - I'd say he has a passing interest) who played me GP, I am yet to hear Marillion/Fish on the radio. My brother has Kayleigh on a compilation but that's it.

I thank my lucky stars all the time that I somehow came across this music. It does make you realize, the majority are pretty simple folk who think a Bon Jovi song is the deepest music out there. Fish has never gone to well and used love as a selling tool like Jovi. Fish writes from the heart, you can tell he's well read and the listener can always find a little nugget years later to jar them loose. You have to respect that. That's what keeps this music relevant to my ears.

I see Fish as holding up a mirror to his audience. We see and hear ourselves in the music.

Well... Good day to you all.

Oh BTW I hate to say I have favourites, but the lost album is perhaps my choice. Princes on Exile St. Voice in the crowd, Sunset Hill, Tic-tac-toe. Story from a thin wall. Even though they are shoddy demos, they can bring tears to my eyes, which I think is pretty powerful stuff considering the audio quality. (Does anyone know what the proposed album title was going to be?? Was it going to be called Vigil in a wilderness of mirrors??)

Sorry to ramble, good day. :)
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Re: The Blunder From Downunder

Tue Feb 19, 2013 3:15 pm

Great post Lord! :D - Welcome to the Forum mate! ;) :D

Re: The Blunder From Downunder

Tue Feb 19, 2013 3:18 pm

arcademannequin wrote:Great post Lord! :D - Welcome to the Forum mate! ;) :D

Couldn't have put it better myself! :D

Re: The Blunder From Downunder

Tue Feb 19, 2013 7:35 pm

Welcome to The Union! Enjoy our chatting!!

Re: The Blunder From Downunder

Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:07 pm

Cool post. 8-)

And welcome.

Re: The Blunder From Downunder

Wed Feb 20, 2013 12:42 am

You are all too kind.

I hope I've got something to offer here; considering my age, proximity and Fishillion knowledge. (30, Aus, pretty shithouse!)

Ah to be of legal age back in the 80's (sigh)

Re: The Blunder From Downunder

Wed Feb 20, 2013 7:08 am

Great post, Lord. Welcome!!

Re: The Blunder From Downunder

Wed Feb 20, 2013 11:47 am

Everything to decide
It's time I came up with some answers...

...and the road that you travel has never been seen...

...giving everything and giving it all

I used to think everything was coming up roses
but I couldn't see the weeds that entangled my feet
I couldn't see the trees because my forest was burning
I couldn't build the bridges, the fire in my eyes, oh
they sold me the view from the hill
they sold me the view from the hill
they said that up there the air would be clearer
they said the more space, the more room to breathe
I used to be scared of heights I used to get dizzy...

We are led by the light at the end of the tunnel
we are guided by the fires of our burning dreams
we're inspired by our ideals and driven by conscience
to cross what the cynics perceive as naive

(ultimate Marillion musical piece HERE - reminds me of a chess battle)

WE THE PEOPLE want it straight for a change

My questions to Fish are...

1. What was the proposed name of the follow-up album to CAS?

2. Why have you still not come forward and deciphered those "lost album" lyrics? C'mon man, I'm a vocalist and I can remember everything I do even when I'm out of it!! What are the lyrics? I am yet to find a totally accurate transcription of these lyrics.

For example: Voice In The Crowd - 2nd verse

You came upon an asprin????
Just an alibi
If you have to go and do it,
do you feel you want to try
If you could only see the reason like another movie???????
And then someone came, someone rose, someone left
I don't know if you could be sure, could you understand?
and if they days were good, you never know the ways we planned
and if the timing's there, it's heaven sent, centering
a voice in the crowd.
A voice in the crowd.

Especially Prices On Exile Street!!! Fish!!! Help!!

Re: The Blunder From Downunder

Wed Feb 20, 2013 1:04 pm

Lord wrote:Fish has never gone to well and used love as a selling tool like Jovi.

I meant to say: Fish has never gone to the "Well Of Love," which often involves tiresome cliches and melodramatic sentimentality for easy chart success (and hardcore backlash.) Ha ha, well... of course he does go there, but, you cannot turn your ear from his story he weaves through his albums. Fish and Gerry Rafferty, what is it aboot Scottish vocalists?! I have a lot o' Scot in me blood ya see! You have to take SOME ownership of the music - and I read the interviews with Marillion stating how Fish wanted to be Him and The Band - more than 20%.

I do not believe this to be true. My God, the vocalist must do what the vocalist must do!

These bands that break up because their vocalist is just weaving a great thread (that shock horror may dwarf the music (AS IF!!))
- Marillion, Genesis, Van Halen; you sense ego may be the problem. Fugazi. Our relationships. The way we all get along together. Were they going to start writing lyrics for him? Or hire a writer? Ah, the visions of many, divided we stand, together we rise.

And change the band name!! It still ain't Marillion to me.
Dismiss the ego and stare at the potential, if only the stars were to stay aligned in '88.
The follow up album to Clutching At Straws would have been huge, and you never know I could have heard it 18 years ago instead of 6.

***Sometimes it seems like I've been here before***

That speed-up keyboard rush to start Incommunicado, my subconscious remembers this from my childhood. Like some warped experiment - I may have slept over at someone's house and they played this shit as I slept. How else do you explain the sheer number of deja-vu's I get when listening to this stuff?!

Ah don't be frightened. I've had a boysonberry wine. I need to get this off my chest.

My childhood. See you, music fans....

Re: The Blunder From Downunder

Wed Feb 20, 2013 7:30 pm

Lord wrote:What was the proposed name of the follow-up album to CAS?

Wish I could give you an answer to that one, but I honestly don't know! Don't think I've read about it, but I've always assumed that it was going to be called Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors. :? Probably completely wrong there! :oops: :?

That makes two people who would like to know the answer! :)

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