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Convention Rehersals

Sun Oct 07, 2012 3:03 pm

First week of rehearsals finished and Steve Vantsis homeward bound as Gavin Dickie approaches the plate for his workload.

We have 4 new songs for the convention. "Feast of Consequences", "Crucifix Corner", "The Other Side of Me" and "All Loved up" as well as 3 tracks from "13th Star" we will be performing with Steve on bass.

As is always the case my theatrical agent called to ask for my availability this week for a couple of days in Manchester for a role in the new "Shameless" series. Would have loved to have taken up the offer but these rehearsals are too important and time is already well tight.Will Smith, the comedian, confirmed today for the Saturday at Leamington so we will be putting together some elements for the afternoon entertainment. I love working with him and am sure we will have a great laugh improvising some material around the "Never Mind the Fishheads" theme and the "Grumpy Old Musos" sections.Mickey Simmonds on board for the 2 acoustic performances. No idea what we will be playing. :-)

Hibs top of the league, sunny outside and now a drive down the coast to North Berwick to get my Mum and Dad for Sunday lunch in Aberlady with Gavin Griffiths.

Today is a welcome day off and a chill before we start Grendelling tomorrow. It's going to be a brainstorm.

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Re: Convention Rehersals

Mon Oct 22, 2012 1:37 am

HI Fish,

Woz sat behind you on flight from Paris to Edinburgh on 22/09/12 (I was returning from Delhi with my wife & parents). You forgot ur scarf & my wife spotted. Anyway didn't want to do the typical fan thing on the flight but just wanted to say that i have been listening to your music since 1985 (saw you in concert at the Playhouse in 1986) & still think ur lyrics/music are the most meaningful I have ever heard. Bizzarely enough I work for BT & we screwed up ur telephony arrangements about 3-4 years ago & u actually registered a complaint with BT about a member of my team! Regardless somehow I still managed to end up with a signed CD of Thirteenth Star!

I guess the point is it's a small world...all the best!


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