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Cracking Gs and Chimneys

Wed Oct 10, 2012 5:18 pm

Rehearsals going well. The Big G cracked and fully playable. Wide range of material all OK'd by His Yattaness with enough "new" material and returning favourites to keep everyone happy.

The set lists are locked in a briefcase and attached to my wrist with handcuffs. :-)

Russell Cherrington who directed the new Derby DVD will be filming the convention and it will be recorded on multi track for a release sometime in the coming months.Travel arrangements being discussed and it's all so close now.I am a lot less worried about the rehearsal time which had me in a flap last week as Gavin Griffiths remembered he had a Panic Room gig in Gillingham on Saturday which means an unwanted day off and a shit load of miles for my drummer.

News from Scottish Power that they are cutting supply on Wednesday for line repairs added to the worry.
Boys elected for evening rehearsals which means a round robin letter to the neighbours as the studio, since the new renovations, is less soundproofed than it was!

But having compiled the set lists we all found we remembered a lot more than we thought and we should be in full run-throughs on Sunday.

Local humourous note:

Gav G and I were in the Plough last night for a quiet pint when my mate Kenny "Isa" Greenan came in announcing that there had been a murder down at the bottom of the High Street near the Indian restaurant.

Looks of surprise and calls to potential victims from the bar.

Kenny elaborated, "10 police cars, they've shut the road down to the Waterloo Bridge, must be a big case!" As he came off his mobile to mates.

I went to the Co-op on the way home and mentioned there was a bit of drama in town and a possible murder! Someone I knew in the queue heard me and said, "There's nae murder, it's that Kenny again! A chimney came down and they've shut off the street!"

I called "Isa" to tell her the score! Slightly embarrassed he was! :-)

And just to add the cherry to the story the chimney is on Elspeth's building and it's their responsibility to sort it out.

A busy office today as scaffolders set up outside her house!

My only problem is falling dust!

Last week we'd been working with the full band in the main room for the first in a long time and I was complaining about my sinuses and throat swelling up.

I couldn't work out what it was and Stevie was suggesting I had developed an allergy to cats! (He is not a fan and I think trying to get them evicted.)

Today it dawned on me that it was the dust and shite being knocked out the overhead fabric covering the soundproofing in the ceiling and walls by the reverberations of the full band playing.

The fabric has been up since 91 and has been due for getting ripped down for years. It's obviously totally ingrained with dust over the years and is now sentenced to the tip!

Next major item on the refurbishing agenda!

It's not a major hassle but I was getting anxious when I was clogging up and couldn't get notes because of my swollen mucous membranes.

Now I know I can work round it and in other ways breathe a bit more easily! :-)

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