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Leamington Final Preparations

Tue Oct 16, 2012 5:23 pm

Rehearsals are over apart from an hour on Thursday before we load out the studio just to go over the landmine map! I must admit that we are all exhausted and am actually glad of the electricity being cut off tomorrow as Scottish Power make line repairs.

The set works well although we still have some big brush ups to do in Leamington with Steve Vantsis on the Consequences material at soundchecks.It's weird writing all this and not mentioning the tracks we have been working on which apart from Grendel all others remain a mystery. Only the band and a Norwegian friend, who I wanted to hear the reaction from to my choices and running orders, know the actual set lists.Been eating too many pies and doughnuts so will be interesting picking out the stage clothes - probably black :-).

Apart from the hour's polishing I have to sort out the lyric books in order with print in a larger font, Post-its in relevant colours re difficulties of remembering on the relevant pages, buy ibruprofen and Difflam and a big jar of manuka honey as I have 6 hours of singing and 5 hours of convention events where I am talking, pack the Grendel helmet and revisit all the new material on my iPod.

Tomorrow however is Me day and I am searching for new sofas, a replacement beta 58 microphone, a TV to replace the one Tara took to Glasgow to her new flat, a new DVD player and some other bits of kit. I don't expect to get it all tomorrow but I need to make inroads before my back is permanently out of shape from the ancient couch that's been re-stuffed twice or my neck is out of line from staring up at the kitchen tv while sitting on an unforgiving spine bending chair.

I've hardly been in the main room since Taz took the TV ( I have to add I agreed to her having it in order to provoke me into buying a new telly) and with the wood burning stove being there and the dark nights coming in it's time for a change in the entertainment corner!

I am taking 2 weeks off after the convention to just apply myself to the house and garden before we resume the writing sessions. Way too much to sort out on the domestic front and I welcome some real time to deal with it all without worrying about anything much else.

Convention is front and foremost in my thoughts just now and I think I am better prepared for this than any other before both in terms of rehearsals and general organization.

For the immediate moment it is now pub time for me and Gavin the Griffiths before pork chops, mash tatties and turnip and a football game I most definitely am not looking forward to.

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