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A big thank you

Tue Oct 23, 2012 12:16 pm

Thank you to everybody who made this such an amazing weekend you all know who you are from the big man down i do not think i have ever had as much fun am still buzzing :cry: hope we get another one soon xxx

Re: A big thank you

Tue Oct 23, 2012 7:15 pm

How hard and long it takes to come back after such a weekend, it seems my feet are not yet back in my shoes... :shock:
My fisrt convention, my first Fish Electric gig, and great moments and memories !
Happy I could finally make it, the day before I would probably have not been able to come.
I was'nt at work today, sorted my photos, and went on floating on my cloud, with my fuc**ng sunglasses cause I forgot my glasses at the pub on sunday... :cry:

A huge huge thank to the magician king who made that happen, and all the people around who contributed.
It was nice I could meet Elspeth who tamed the french postmen, so they brought my T shirt before the convention :D

Friendship all around, and nice to meet again people I've met in Edinburgh, and so happy to say hello to new forumites. I missed some of you (Rab and Michelle, where were you ?)

And thank you to my lovely husband, who really appreciated the shows and your company, il vous passe le bonjour :) He was surprised by the way you welcomed him.

The concerts were so powerful, I've been lifted up. And I had Raingods and Wake up call, thank you Fish !
It Bites and The Reasoning were great, and the sound was good.

Waiting now for the next one, and the DVD, can't wait !!

I know I will see some of you next march ! See you !
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