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Stunning weekend - thanks Fish!

Tue Oct 23, 2012 12:38 pm

Thanks to Fish, the Band and everyone else who made this weekend possible! We only managed to come for the Sunday shows but thoroughly enjoyed them both.

I never dreamed I'd hear Grendel live, it lived up to my expectations, would be great if this gets added to the normal gig repertore ;) Script sent tingles down my spine and was an amazing way to start off the singing and sweat! Other highlights for me were Raingod's Dancing/Wake Up Call, Our Smile, Jigsaw, Freaks, Lucky, Internal Exile, He Knows You Know... :D

Unfortunately my wife had to leave during Freaks (our 1 year old was being baby sat locally and needed his mum), but she'd had a massive grin on her face up until then! So would be great if Grendel is played again to make up for the disappointment.

Looking forward to the new album and feast of live recordings from the weekend and acoustic shows (anyone have the setlist from Saturday's acoustic show?)!


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