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THE Weekend

Tue Oct 23, 2012 1:07 pm

Just posted by Mark Wilkinson on the FishFans list:

Can I just say on behalf of Julie and I a big thanks to those of you that came up the winding stairs to say hello at the convention.

The 'mood boards' we showed were a visual feast (pun intended) of work that is still very much in progress.

Special editions are hardly new I know, but the time feels right to work on this one with Fish. The plan was to give you a rough idea of what the 'special edition' of A Feast of Consequences might look likeā€¦
a perfect-bound 100 page book (housing album CD and bonus 'making of' DVD) inside an A5 board slipcase.

Over the coming months we'll be filling up the pages with illustrations and imagery, and adding lyrics, photos and other writing by Fish, as the ideas and themes evolve.
The convention was a good opportunity to present a glimpse of where we are heading at least.

Our hope was to gauge reaction at the convention and the response was 100% positive from the people I spoke to.

Maybe I can write a 'blog' about our plans and show some of the contents of this special edition over the coming months on fishheadsclub.com
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Re: THE Weekend

Tue Oct 23, 2012 5:27 pm

Just put this up on Facebook.
Where to start? A huge thank you to Fish, the band & the FTC, for so much wonderful music. To the unpaid hungover help doing the merch, thanks. The Company, Fishheads club, Freaks, or as I said many times, "the family", gathered in Leamington Spa again & had the best time ever.Thanks also to The Company Gloster for making me feel so welcome, & to Jill for the chats over breakfast! It was lovely to catch up with so many of my Facebook/Forum friends.Highlights are many; Grendel alive again after 29 years, Sript, Jigsaw, Vigil & many more besides. Hope to see lots of you next year after the release of what is sounding like a great album. Slainte!
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