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Early Stages Artwork available from Mark Wilkinson

Mon Sep 15, 2008 8:55 am

Some of you have been asking about Mark Wilkinson's artwork and what some of the inclusions mean. Mark kindly replied to my request for info and has asked me to make you aware of the opportunity to purchase signed artwork.

Mark's illustration for Early Stages shows the Jester performing just as the curtains open to reveal an early morning painted rainbow backdrop. Elements from past albums and singles appear in the curtain folds and the table cloth. The C*ckerel relates to the early animal associations of the Jester's headgear (C*ckscomb hat) and also of the symbolism of early morning babblings - he cackles merrily away, presumably giving away all his secrets that could not be kept. But the C*ckerel also cries out of another level of being (it was thought) - in keeping with the fundamental nature of folly - screaming the secrets of man that should not be kept. The C*ck blabs, the bells impair hearing - or to put it another way - the more you talk, the less you hear - hear no evil, speak none!

Mark is offering a limited edition (signed and numbered) fine art Giclée print of this illustration.

The size is the same as the singles covers he offers at 16.5" square image area with a 3" border all the way round making the print size 22.5" square. They come with a certificate of authenticity in an edition of 150.

Please contact if you are interested.

Early Stages Artwork available from Mark Wilkinson

Mon Sep 15, 2008 11:19 am

Thought I should just point out; if you are buying one the first copies of 'Early Stages' (to get the free autographed print of the artwork), the Giclée prints are on very high quality paper and are considerably bigger!
I have several of Mark's Giclée prints and they are superb.

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