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Mark Wilkinson Book Signing

Thu Mar 04, 2010 10:30 pm

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Hullo all - fairly quiet on this here forum atm - so - a brief message
from your friendly neighbourhood arter and author:

I will be at the Red Lion Bookshop - 125 High Street, Colchester in
sunny (yes - really) Essex: on Saturday 27th
March from 2 pm - signing copies of Shadowplay and anything else
people want to bring along:)

Be nice if there's anyone fairly local who could pop along and say
hello. It's a great shop with a well-stocked fantasy section
downstairs and is one of the last of the local independents in the
area. I've been going there for years buying art books.

The owner Peter Donaldson is a fantasy-art enthusiast himself. He has
books on sale by the usual suspects like Roger Dean, Chris Achilleos,
Patrick Woodroffe and Rodney Matthews.

Shadowplay has now been reviewed in Classic Rock, Classic Progtastic,
Fireworks, Record Collector and is in the next issue of
Metalhammer...these can be seen in the Shadowplay reviews section on
the masque site.

Love and rockets - Mark

Does anyone have a kitchen appliance he could sign?

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