Parting Of The Ways [J. Wayne/D. Dick]
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It's strange to find we're almost strangers
As I turn to leave you now
I know there are dangers
You have believed in me
As I believed in you
But it's not hard to see
In the end a man should do
What his heart tells him he must
And so I place my trust in the parting of the ways
The days that I have stood beside you
They are days that I could not forget if I tried to
But day has turned to night
Life's changed for you and me
Who knows what's wrong or right
We'll agree to disagree
Now the time for talk has passed
And so we reach at last the parting of the ways
Now I need to find my own direction
Side by side we faced the world together
But nothing lasts forever
And so the story ends
More than pride's dividing you and I now
And though we say goodbye now
At least we part as friends
It seems our future is decided
Now the fates dictate that you and I be divided
And though it's hard to tell
Where we will go from here
You know I wish you well
Even though my course is clear
It's no easy thing I do
To walk away from you at the parting of the ways
Though I need to find my own direction
You can bet I'll never forget
The times we've come through
But now we come to
The parting of the ways