Interview January 1995

The interview was recorded before Fish travelled to Japan and it was *not* a phone interview, but a live radio interview. The following is an approximate transcription of the interview (not complete), by Santi Prats.

Jordi Tarda: What does SOE represent to you?

Fish: It's very difficult to explain, it's very conceptual, it's got lots of levels and so on. It's got immediacy but you can also swim deep in it. It has got a lot to do with Western Civilization and I found lots of inspiration in Bosnia/Croatia when I was there.

Jordi: Did Steve Wilson help you a lot in this album?

Fish: Yes! I needed new blood. I met him through a common friend and I was shocked when he told me that the first gig he ever attended was a Marillion one when he was 12! And I thought: "Oh no, my God" [joking]. Moreover, it has a progressive sound, in the sense that it uses modern sounds but in a symphonic framework.

Jordi: It think this record is more symphonic than previous ones, what's your opinion?

Fish: I don't think so [no pun intended ;)]. This is much rockier. I think Suits was overcooked whereas this one isn't. It has a cinema feeling in it, even the picture of the Arabian guy could be related to Rudolf Valentino.

[Now 'Tara' is played]

Jordi: This song is about your daughter right? She's very nice.

Fish: Yes, she is! I find it difficult going on tour [because of her], even more with mobile phones, because you can hear something like: "Daddy, when are you coming?..." And this can break your heart [very honest voice]. Sometimes I think she has to face gradually all the problems in our world. You must protect children but not *overprotect* them. Besides, you can't do a Kurt Cobain or something . You gotta face the problems in the world

Jordi: You worked very hard in this album and now you start the UK gigs

Fish: Yes, and I have a new band. The old members got frightened at the idea of going on tour for a long time, and so I've met a young band who wants to discover the world and that's incredible. Spain is very important. We want to play here in September + October, 5 or 6 gigs. The problem is, promoters are not very willing to contract me, but now and here I am showing my commitment to come and play.

Jordi: There was the rumour a while back that Marillion toured with Fish in order to promote the BoBW compilation.

Fish: It was a rumour. I don't think it is practical. I left the band 9 years ago and the only way I see it is going as two separate bands in the same bill and doing something together at the end of the show. I still look at them as friends. Steve H's been in the band longer than I. People should be looking forward not past. There's more chance that Steve Archibald [soccer/football player of F.C. Barcelona in the mid 80's and old neighbour of Fish in Edinburgh] will go to F.C. Barcelona again [joking]

Jordi: Ok, thanks Fish [and so on]

Fish: Muchas gracias

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