Interview July 1997

Although according to the AOL MCs this was the BIGGEST crowd a guest has drawn there. They were very surprised that we completely filled 2 rooms and partially filled a third.
By "there", they meant the prog rock content area: there have been other chats where they've had thousands of ppl online in the chat, with the celebrity and the moderators 'onstage' and everyone else in sub-rooms called 'chat rows'. Unfortunately the Fish chat was not done this way....and it looks like there were about 200 ppl trying to get in, tops. Fish's Pittsburgh show was stunning: be prepared for surprises + delights!!!!!!

Here's the transcript:

NCMC Finn: Hello folks....we hopefully will be joined by Fish in the next little bit

NCMC Finn: *****All the best freaks are here****

NCMC Finn: Folks....we are proud to announce that technology has let Fish join us as USFish

NCMCBrandt: First of all, Fish, welcome! It's been quite the roundabout getting hooked up with you tonight, it's great to have you here. :)

USFish: excuse us everyone we are here but we keep getting kicked off line - we are ready

NCMCBrandt: **Fish, Great! Ok, everyone... The first question of the night belongs to Grendel 13!

Grendle13: Fish, congrats on the new tour. I know that the first priority is for interviews to promote _but_, if there are pre-gig get-togethers like the one in Boston at T's Pub near the Parade) is there any chance of popping by before the gig? (To clarify, we've got one organized in Boston, wanna come by?)

USFish: its difficult to organize the pre-gig get togethers due to promo we're sorting it out e-mail us privately back in Scotland and tell us where you're at and we'll do our best to get there

NCMCBrandt: **Next up! MRaphill... Ask away!

MRaphill: Hi FISH!...In US version of POJP there is no lyric just before it kicks in. Why?

USFish: let's get a wee bit heavy...Bob Ludwig sent the dats back for me to check. During the week that this occurred my wife was diagnosed with a major illness and I must admit my mind was not occupied with thoughts on okay reviewing mixes...I missed will be rectified on the next production run.

NCMCBrandt: **Next up! CEHannibal... Go for it! :)

CEHannibal: Hi Fish, just a comment... I've been a big fan since Fugazi, (Never seen you live) The new Album is absolutely brilliant, thank you for your dedication.

USFish: cheers! I'm really excited about the tour and the release the reviews have been great and it's wonderful working in a country where you have rock radio available and Europe is so top 40 oriented that it is very difficult to make contact and receive recognition on the airwaves If radio is contacted than we know that the masses can express their opinion and it will be listened to it it's a big difference where in Europe an arrogance still persists and the music directors still believe that they have the divine right to project new styles before they have heard them and based purely on image and public persona and....

NCMCBrandt: **Fish is back! And he's got a dead punt beastie with him.

USFish: I'm back sorry

NCMCBrandt: **Welcome back, Fish. :)

USFish: thanx

NCMCBrandt: **Fish, ready for the next one, or had you finished the last one?

USFish: let's move on

NCMCBrandt: **MARILJIM! Go for it! :)

MARILJIM: What ever happened to Mr. Buttons, and will you be doing any in-stores in Milwaukee?

USFish: Mr Buttons still exists as a lyrical idea but as it was more relevant to the suits period it is more or less redundant. It may yet resurface. Milwaukee personal appearances may happen depending on schedule.

NCMCBrandt: **DBecker, you're up next!

DBecker801: OK, here goes...Not counting tonight's punting, how would you view your experiences as a full-fledged netizen now that you're on Freaks? (BTW, I'd like to publicly apologize to you for accusing you of selling out -- Don from Bizzaro-land)

USFish: need to apologize - I respect your opinions and if there wasn't confrontation or criticism then the Freaks list would become terminally boring. I'm still coming to grips with all this and I do find it a major dilemma every time have to communicate through a keyboard. it's getting better every day but I'm still looking forward to the live essence. I just want to sing (and talk) I look forward to meeting you at one of the gigs

DBecker801: See ya in a week in NYC, then :)

NCMCBrandt: **Radharc, you're up next! Go for it! :)

Radharc: I just wanted to thank you for all the brilliant lyric over the years. A quick one will you have enough time to acclimate yourself for the Denver Gig? and can I buy you a drink at the Denver show?

USFish: No Problem!

NCMCBrandt: KMM77, you're next. :)

KMM77: Hello Fish - an honor to speak to you - my name is Sean - I have a 1 year old daughter named Kayleigh after your song can u tell me a bit about the Kayleigh that inspired you to write the song?

USFish:'s too complicated to answer..kay was about an attitude not just a's about a number of girls who all meant something special and something I didn't appreciate at the time but we move on and get older and get married

KMM77: thank you Fish

NCMCBrandt: **~Just like a sugar rat in the rain...~ Sugarrat, you're next!

Sugarrat: Howdy Fish. Are you planning on doing the same setlist for the NA leg of the tour or are you planning on including some different stuff see you at the Pittsburgh meet and greet? Martin

USFish: We're kind of flexible but the core set will remain essentially the same having a new band means that a catalog must be learned and that takes time

NCMCBrandt: **Perk1994, go for it!

Perk1994: Hi Fish, it's great to talk to you. Do you plan on recording any US shows for an official live bootleg like 'Sushi'? See you in NYC, Danbury and Poughkeepsie!

USFish: yes!!!

NCMCBrandt: **Next up is TamLynne! Go for it!

TamLynne: Hey Fish! We are all very excited about the first US Fish tour. Any plans to also include the southwest and southern US? (please.....)

USFish: hopefully back in late jan/feb early march '98 and also an early continue promo SOE don't worry this is not a 'one off' visit and judging by the initial receptions this is going to become a regular occurrence! Be patient we're all working together on this. This is just foreplay!

NCMCBrandt: **SodaJim... That's your cue!

SodaJim: Hi Fish...a real pleasure to speak to you. One question...Say it with Flowers seems like it was written for my wife and me...any chance of hearing it. And what's a door to door belsen anyway. Slainte! see you in Philly

USFish: Say it with Flowers is a perverted lullaby I hope it really isn't yours because it's mine

USFish: haven't finished last question sorry.. Door to door Belsen is a nuclear reference I don't need to say more boys and girls...

USFish: it's getting late and I'm still a bit lagged I'm on tour here for 7 weeks...and I'd like to repeat this on a weekly basis. I appreciate sincerely the response tonite and to be honest I'm overwhelmed at the interest in my album!!! I'm still getting to grips with the technology and I apologize for being late and for the kickoffs that were beyond our control... I didn't expect this amount of traffic. I'll talk w/ NCMC on regular phone and we'll organize regular sessions in conjunction w/ my tour...any help you can give w/ your local stations is much appreciated and most

NCMC Finn: We have a Prog Rock chat every Sunday at 8pm ET in the NIGHTCLUB...we would certainly like to have you stop in Fish!! This is the largest crowd ever to visit the NIGHTCLUB for a guest

USFish: I hope to meet on the road pre-gigs thanx for your patience and your support I'm coming at you 3D!!! take care...stay alive and make sure the anoraks are air conditioned!!! it's hot over there!!! See you on the road and read you on the 'Freaks' list...visit the website for up to date info or call Viceroy Music at 212-465-2357 and talk to Nicole or Jay. lots of LOVE, sleep tight ONKEL FISH

USFish: to the NCMC's thanx for all your efforts...we'll be in touch!!!!

OnlineHost: USFish has left the room.

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