Interview 3rd August 1995

VH1 Television Studios

The video for Kayleigh was played.

VH-1:...I was just saying, you left the band Marillion at the end of the 80's, about 1988. But you re-recorded that song, for a new record, why have you done that?

Fish: When it came to putting together the Yin & Yang best of collection, I think that a lot of people think that I have got this schizophrenic career where it's like "Fish with Marillion" and "Fish solo", it's all the same guy, all the way through. I didn't want to take all the old stuff and just throw it on, coz everybody has it, on every compilation album. My band who have been together with me for the last three or four years thought "What an ideal opportunity, we'll go in and re-record it" and they've worked out great. There is a freshness to them, there is a good attitude.

VH-1: OK, let me just translate that......

Fish: OK now?

VH-1: Yeah, I know you speak a little German, did you understand all of that, did you get all of that?

Fish: Ich habe ganz grosse probleme wenn ich interview zu machen. (I have a big problem doing interviews)

VH-1: If I can just correct that...ein ganz grosses probleme

Fish: ein ganz grosses probleme. See!

Fish: Mein vier und halb Jahre Tochter spricht besser Deutsch als mich..... (My four and a half year old daughter speaks better German than me.)
There followed a few comments in German, that we could neither spell nor understand - Sorry!
Interviewer offers Fish a drink.

VH-1: I have only got water

Fish: It's good for my throat.

VH-1: Your daughter, she learnt German, but you are living in Scotland?

Fish: Yeah, we have lived in Scotland for the last seven years. My daughter is half German, half Scottish. It's great because I can support Germany now as well as Scotland "Scotland are yeuch!". It's funny.

VH-1: There is a big difference between an English accent which I have, and a Scottish accent like yours. Is your daughter learning a real broad Scottish accent?

Fish: Yeah, my wife speaks English in the Scottish way. Scottish and German are similar. We say "kirk" it's like the German "kirche" (church). Can you say loch?

VH-1: We could spend a lot of time talking about this. Yes, I can say loch, It means hole in German, but it means a lake in English and Scottish. I have spent a lot of time in Scotland, in Pitlochry, do you know Pitlochry?

Fish: Yeah, I know Pitlochry, it's a nice place, good for fishing.

VH-1: So where is it exactly in Scotland that you are living?

Fish: About 30 minutes outside Edinburgh. We have a big house with a studio, or the bank has a big house with a studio and I live in it.

VH-1: We are now going to show the new video for Just Good Friends with Sam Brown.

Fish: Yeah, It gives me the opportunity to meet beautiful women. Just Good Friends was always meant to be a duet, when I wrote the lyric, I saw a duet. In '91 when we originally recorded it, we couldn't find a girl singer, we tried to get Suzanne Vega, and all sorts of people but they were too busy or on tour. When I decided to re-record it, Sam lives about 40 minutes up the road, she lives in Scotland. So I said "Sam could you come down". So she came down, and she did a great job. She was 8 months pregnant, she had just come back from the Floyd tour.

The video of Just Good Friends was now shown.

VH-1: That was Fish together with Sam Brown in the video for his new single Just Good Friends. That was the first showing of the video. It's not completely ready yet, what's left to be done?

Fish: It's gotta be finished! You said you wanted it really early. The filming from the helicopter was very expensive, so the director put a lot of those shots in.

VH-1: You want more of that then?

Fish: No I want less shots, and we have got to tighten up the synch on it, and put the proper sound on it. This is what is called "the off line".

VH-1: Now I've heard that you are going to work for the competition, for VIVA2 ?

Fish: I have been given this job, I have got to be a VJ on VIVA2, which is fun. You guys never offered me. VH-1 never came down and said "Hey, we'll give you a job". One programme a week, and it's called Highlander. They said that I could use the studio, but I am on tour for 4 months in Europe, so I thought I would make journals on the road. "Big Bus TV". So we go around in the bus, and interview people and make it fun. I just wanna make fun programmes.

VH-1: Fun TV costs money.

Fish: Not if you've got a bus travelling around Europe with a bunch of Bohemian deviants on it.

VH-1: Maniacs?

Fish: Yeah, maniacs. You just have fun. I have made programmes like this before, for us on the bus when we were on tour. We did "Big Bus TV". In the morning we made little programmes and we showed them to the crew at night. We did interviews with the crew and fans. It was funny.

VH-1: Did you have to think twice about this, you have done some acting?

Fish: Yeah, I did a movie last year, "Chasing the deer". I played this Scotsman called Cameron, who is a big heavy murdering dude.

VH-1: You are right for that part.

Fish: I am 1.95 mtrs tall. They go "Ah, we know what you can play, we have this big killer who goes about beating people up. You are 6 foot 5, you are Scottish. You are a drunk or you are a criminal". Stereotyped! I am a nice guy.

VH-1: Could you bring in some of your own experience or was it all made up?

Fish: Yeah, I have done a lot of sword work in Edinburgh. There is nothing like going into Edinburgh on a Friday night with a big sword. It's a game, it's fun, it's dressing up. For forty minutes you are somebody else. I did Zorro, that was my first one - I like knives. All these years later, the little boy who went to the movies and saw Zorro on a Saturday afternoon was suddenly dressed up as a cowboy, drinking San Miguel beer. There were wagon trains and cavalry and Mexicans, and I was sitting there and going "This is brilliant! And I'm getting paid for this." It's safer than making videos

VH-1: Safer than making videos?

Fish: On the Just Good Friends video, the helicopter nearly killed Sam and I, when we were on the tower. The helicopter was coming in and doing these shots. It came in at ground level and then flared up, it was supposed to peel off the tower, but there was this really heavy wind. You can see the wind on the video. The helicopter came in, and he misjudged it. As he flared the wind died, and he came in really close. He missed the top of the tower by about six feet.

VH-1: We wish you all the best for your record, your TV show and the next movie.

Fish: Thank you guys, cheers.

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