Interview 3rd August 1995

Fish took part in an IRC session with VH-1 Germany. This is the tidied-up transcript of the chat.

Fish: Any questions folks?

Urschl Purschl: Why are you releasing so many re-recordings recently?

Fish: I figured it's time for a best of. The re-recordings have worked out well, fourteen years studio experience and all.

Mlad: Why are you releasing so many covers recently?

Fish: I have not released many covers recently. Yin & Yang is the definitive collection of ratings and performances over the last 15 years. It cleans up some confusion that some fans may have experienced with my erratic career.

Janwill: Your next album is to be acoustic, acoustic as in no electric guitars and keyboards, or did you mean anything else by it?

Fish: The next album utilizes a lot of acoustic textures, but it's electric based.

FDJ: I heard Yin & Yang was delayed until September due to the German distributor.

Fish: Yin & Yang is released 31st of August in Germany, 4th of September rest of Europe. The single Just Good Friends (a duet with Sam Brown) comes out 14th of August.

Robin: Are all the songs on Yin & Yang different from their original on the albums?

Fish: On Yin & Yang there are 26 songs. 13 on each CD which are released simultaneously, all together there are 14 re-recordings. Suck it and see, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the re-recordings.

Robin: Any plans in the near future?

Fish: 3 months European tour, 15 shows in Germany, the world follows, South Africa for Christmas.

Steve: Why no proper electric Suits tour ?

Fish: The Suits 94 tour was electric. It was followed by acoustic sets. The Yin & Yang tour is electric.

Steve: Will there be lots of live Suits on this tour ?

Fish: Pipeline, Raw Meat and Lady Let It Lie so far.

Kean: Just tell me can we poor Hungarian fans expect you to come?

Fish: We plan to play Budapest in October.

Janwill: Why are you playing in Groningen and not in Utrecht or Rotterdam? Groningen being very far away in the middle of nowhere.

Fish: We have played too many concerts in Holland in the last 3 years. Groningen and the North of Holland have not been overplayed, therefor I allocated a show for this tour. We play Holland next summer.

Janwill: Well, too many is quite impossible But I get the picture.

Janwill: What's the latest on The Masque?

Fish: Masque is at the moment more mythological than realistic. I'm trying to find another angle to present both the covers, artwork, lyrics and stories.

Janwill: Does a book exist with a collection of Mark Wilkinson's work like Roger Dean's Flights of Icarus?

Fish: There is no Mark Wilkinson artwork book. Masque is the intended title, see previous answer.

Gar: Why didn't you appear at the Dream Theater cover gig in London?.

Fish: Dream Theater gig was cancelled due to promotion demands elsewhere.

FDJ: What about your operation. Will it change anything in the way you sing?

Fish: There was no operation. I received welcome advice on technique i.e. breathing, that helped.

Janwill: Are you going to appear more often on the Internet?

Fish: By the way we now have a web page: URL is

FDJ: I'm checking out that web page right now, it looks cool.

Kean: Problem: I've checked out the page today and I got only an error.

Gunni: Make sure to type in the last slash (/) behind fish.

Steve: What do you think about the localised Companies ?

Fish: I think the localised Companies are a good idea. It brings the whole thing down to a more personal level.

Kean: How could one open a Company in Hungary?

Fish: Contact our web site. We will pick you up.

Robin: What are you doing in Hamburg at the moment?

Fish: Currently undergoing promotion for the tour and albums, off to Berlin tomorrow.

Steve: How do you rate your current band ?

Fish: My current band is the best I ever worked with.

Duncan: Is Janick Gers, who played the guitar on View From A Hill now a member of Iron Maiden?

Fish: Yes, he was part of the original solo band in 1989 and played on an album. His style worked really well in some songs but not in others. My present guitarists are more flexible.

Janwill: How does the re-recording of Institution Waltz fit in the 'no more old songs (Grendel, etc.) context?

Fish: Institution Waltz was always an old favourite. Yin & Yang finally gave me a chance to record it and lay to rest.

FDJ: How do you like Afraid of Sunlight?

Fish: I've only heard Afraid Of Sunlight on a promo tape. I was not particularly moved.

Mlad: Do you think that your style would still fit with the present Marillion music or have your ways totally parted?

Fish: My style and Marillion's are quite different nowadays, and I have no intention of even entertaining the idea of a reunion. We are now two separate entities.

FDJ: How's your relationship to Marillion today, especially Kelly and Rothery?

Fish: I haven't seen Steve or Mark since 1992. They live in a different country.

Kean: I bet you are in good terms with Pete and Ian.

Fish: I see Pete every now and again for a drink. Our livers couldn't handle anything more regular.

Duncan: Is it correct that you are working for the channel Viva2?

Fish: Yes I have a job with Viva2 making one programme a week under the " alias" highlander. I think it will be more Spinal Tap than anything else. Big Bus TV on the road.

Steve: How about the Video singles collection ?

Fish: The video collection is under negotiation. News will be on our web site.

Steve: Any more live CD's coming out soon ?

Fish: There is an idea for a live CD on this tour. It kicks the bootleggers in the backside before they have a chance to get their operation going.

FDJ: Do you follow or the freaks mailing list?

Fish: I still cannot work computers, and rely on others to guide. However plans are afoot to rectify this matter.

Janwill: When will be your next appearance on the Internet? And do you see any opportunities of selling your music through the net? Since a lot of Americans have a lot of problems getting your music.

Fish: I am planning a conference on the 2nd of September. The news is on my web site. All the albums and other material can be acquired through mail-order. Details on the web site.

Kean: Is it your daughter on the sleeve of Fortunes Of War?

Fish: No my daughter Tara isn't on Fortunes Of War.

Steve: Any sign of that unplugged set on MTV ?

Fish: We asked MTV but they haven't shown any interest yet.

Janwill: MTV? Did the Company card action help?

Fish: No. It was like poking a bear with a stick. They complained about us using their logo and filling up their mailbox. I found it quite funny. They know we are out there.

Steve: Is this going out live on VH-1 Germany? As my vid is set ?

Fish: The off line of the new single is on VH-1 tonight. The finished version will be on the screens as of Saturday.

Gar: I've got this question for a long time, what is the meaning of the magpie ?

Fish: The magpie is a bird. Famous for collecting bright shiny objects. I saw parallels with my attitude towards experiences and relationships.

Duncan: Was the last Marillion Live album re-mastered in a studio? It sounds almost too perfect.

Fish: Thieving Magpie was virtually studio reinvented. I hate the album. It was sad to leave this as a memory of so many years great touring.

Gar: Does this recreation of Thieving Magpie include your singing, if so why did you do that ?

Fish: Yes there was replacement singing on Assassing and Forgotten Sons. The original lives were out of tune. I still think there were better recordings.

Duncan: What does virtually studio reinvented mean?

Fish: This means that there was a lot of studio work involved in this live album. It wasn't so much repairs as recreation.

Pedl: Do you know Mick Pointer's Arena? What do you think of the album?

Fish: I have never heard the Arena album. I have been told it seems to be a Marillion tribute album. I have got no desire to hear it. Nostalgia sold on street corners.

Mlad: Is Rupert (the MD from EMI) still annoyed with you re. Tongues ?

Fish: Rupert is less bear. We get on quite well now.

Robin: Are you disappointed about the minor success of the Songs From The Mirror album?

Fish: I thought SFTM would have been better received but such is life.

Kean: Why, Apeman is a killer! That should have been the single.

Fish: I agree. ask Polydor why not. There was a distinct lack of vision around this project.

VH-1: Sorry, but Fish has to go now.

Fish: Sorry, sportsfans, I've got to go. Interviews call. See you on the web site. Thanks! I came twice. Lots of love. Derek.

Janwill: It has been great having you here! Hope to see you soon!

Duncan: Bye Fish.

Gar: Good Luck for your future.

Gunni: Bye!

Fish: Take care and stay alive

VH-1: Danke an alle: das war der bisher beste chat in der VH-1 Lounge!!!!

VH-1: FishyNet - thanks for being here!!! We will put a link on our pages.

FishyNet: Cheers - I will link in VH-1

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