Interview 21st November 1998

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Fish: hi all
Kimari: Hi everyone and welcome
Kimari: Just to let you know... if Fish drops off the server we will try to get going again as soon as possible
Kimari: any questions should be directed to Itchy
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Kimari: I just want to say "Welcome Back Fish" it's been too long since you were last in our strange land here *grin*
Fish: too long
Fish: but the way things are going at Roadrunner I should be back relatively soon
Kimari: that's good news
Kimari: We might as well get started with our first question
Kimari: First question is from James Barry
Old_Tom: What do you think about the possible pending release of the missing Fish Marillion tracks on the re-masters?
Fish: I was a bit worried at first but I felt that some of the missing songs - of which there are very few - might help show the differences that existed between the band in '88 and the directions we both wanted to take
Fish: Lucy J has dug up some material and I'm going to be having a look in my tape collection
Fish: there's also a complete DAT of the Fife Aid gig which was, in fact, the last gig we performed together
Fish: I think both the sleeve notes and the track choice may prove to contain some interesting discussion points
Fish: END
Kimari: Next question is from Dan Nobles
justdan: Fish: Just wanted to personally thank you for
justdan: letting me propose to Elly on stage at the Buffalo show.. We got married in
justdan: April.. Thanks for the cool gifts as well.. Any chance of seeing you in an
justdan: American movie?? end
Fish: I auditioned recently for Ridley Scott's 'Gladiators' which is a Dreamworks production
Fish: the reading went very well
Fish: but as I don't have any stage combat experience and I don't have a "gladiatorial" body at the moment
Fish: I may be at the end of this queue
Fish: The character has to be 6'5" so at least I've got something else going for me
Fish: They're carrying on auditions in Italy atm and I should hear an answer in the next 2 or 3 weeks
Fish: I don't hold high hopes, but stranger things have happened
Fish: I'm taking the acting career very seriously and any offers of movies will override tour plans
Fish: END
Kimari: Next question is from Gene
Gene: Fish, it's Gene Steinman (The Christmas CD guy, I wont hold it against you, LOL) welcome from Illinois, write really complex lyrics, what is your inspiration to, do you wake up in the middle of the night and run to the nearest note pad and jot down your waking thoughts? END
Fish: a lot of things have happened in the middle of the night for which I've felt I've needed a notepad - including lyrics
Fish: I tend to just get inspired by images, events, conversations, but most of all personal experiences or feelings
Fish: END
Gene: Thanks Fish.....Rock on
Kimari: Next question is from Leisa
SusieQ: it's lovely to meet you Fish :-) I was recently introduced to Marillion and fell in love! several people have suggested that I give
SusieQ: you a listen. is there a good 'starter' CD or favorite project that you'd recommend?
Fish: try the new 'best of' album Kettle of Fish
Fish: it's by far the best 'sampler' album. This is the reason why RR have chosen to use this as the spearhead of all the new releases
Fish: Territories such as the USA Canada Australia and S America are going to find this more interesting as an introduction
(Info: There are 46 members of #Kettle):
Fish: I never expected Kettle to do that much in Europe as most people already have most of the tracks, but the territories mentioned above offer a lot of promise
Fish: The US in particular, where the release of Sunsets indicated that there's a lot of potential for my music in that country
Fish: END
SusieQ: thank you, I'll get it!
Kimari: Next question is from Chuyo
Chuyo: Hi, dear Onkel! :) Greetings from Sofia, Bg. Just wanna ask you how has life been going
Chuyo: lately in the Farm and what are your plans about it, cos I heard a rumor that you and
Chuyo: your family you're moving to Germany. Any truth to it? END
Fish: at the moment, we're still trying to hold onto the Farm
Fish: and although it's going to be really tough there is a strong possibility that we'll be staying here
Fish: the Dick Bros label and the studio are now shut down and the equipment is now up for sale
Fish: there was never any question of me moving to Germany
Fish: it was a nasty rumour!
Fish: it seems a lot of nations would like to adopt me
Chuyo: Bulgarians for sure :)
Fish: and every time I go to Poland I'm told that I'm buying houses there
Fish: END
Kimari: Next question is from Steffen Boelaars
Wh|teRuss: Hi Fish!!!! Well, I'm just another huge fan with a question. I just Don't quite get it. Why the release of Kettle of Fish? There are just 2 new songs, and the other ones are already located on so many other albums. As a real fan I want to have the album of course, but I still think it's a bit strange. Also because there some other 'Best Of..' albums too (yin yang). END
Kimari: takes a long time when ppl have odd characters in their nickname =;-]
Wh|teRuss: duh
Fish: the 'best of' was part of the deal with RR and as much as I appreciate that there is a strong fan base out there it's relatively small...
Fish: both myself and RR felt that a strong best of album would not only help re-kindle interest in my music but that serious promotion and distribution, built around a re-release of the entire catalogue, and a forthcoming new studio album..
Fish: would also bring in people who'd never heard of me before
Fish: as a lot of fans realise there are songs that have been recorded during my solo career that deserved more attention than they got
(Info: There are 48 members of #Kettle):
Fish: a lot of that had to do with our inability at Dick Bros to deal with album releases effectively, as we never had the organisational capabilities
Fish: or the penetration to bust out of our tight little circle
Fish: although Yin and Yang were 'best of's they largely went unnoticed outside the fanbase
Fish: the Kettle release signifies the beginning of a new era
Fish: END
Wh|teRuss: Ah, okay, got it. Slainte!
Kimari: Next question is from Abe Blikman
RedHead: Hi Onkel Fish, what about the health of Tammi and how's Tara ?
Fish: Tammi had a check-up a few weeks ago and we got the results 2 days ago
Fish: she's 100% clear
Fish: and been told to come back in a year
Fish: Tara is doing really fine
Fish: and embarrassed the hell out of me today by being the first person in her family to be able to read music and perform "Jack and Jill" on the piano
Fish: (not the '89 version)
Fish: she didn't even look at her fingers when she played it, just read the songbook
Fish: I'm a very proud daddy!
Fish: grins
Fish: END
RedHead: (lol) OK, thanks a lot !!
Kimari: Next question is from Nigel Sherwood
Nige_Sher: hi there big guy first great news about Tammi what's the score with upcoming tour dates in the UK
Nige_Sher: I can put u up in my pub and feed you guys as well
Fish: There will be no touring this year. I'm talking to my agent in next 3 weeks about dates for next summer
Fish: This will be a limited tour
Fish: I reckon between four and six weeks for Europe with a US tour to follow
Fish: As I mentioned before all movie work takes precedence.
Nige_Sher: thanks anything is better than nothing we'll be there at the front all 6'9" of me
Fish: But I will be touring next year. End
Kimari: Next question is from Herman
Nige_Sher: cool
Cupido: Hello over there, I wonder what your favorite Dutch soccer team is and if you still play? END Greetings from Holland
Fish: I've always had a soft spot for Ajax, having been brought up in the 70s. I actually screenprinted my own Ajax strip
Fish: in art classes in about 1974.
Fish: I always liked Johann Cruyff
Fish: Great football player and a 40 a day man!
Fish: I play 5 a side but every year I get slower
Fish: I'm now less of a forward and more a back player. I find it hard to sneak up for corners because they always hear me coming, because of the wheezing and coughing.
Fish: I still dream. End
Cupido: thank you, cu you later
Kimari: LOL
Kimari: Next question is from Thomas Boelaars
typetje: Hi Fish. Just like to say you make some great music. And I want to make sure if you have any intentions about coming to Holland for some gigs (in 1999) END
Fish: Yes - definitely in Holland. I'd like to think that the demand will allow me to play the Paradiso.
Fish: and Vredenburg
Fish: and possibly Groningen or Leeuwarden.
Fish: It depends on the acceptance of Raingods.
Fish: I wouldn't want to play the Ahoy again. Barn of a place with no personality. End
Kimari: Next question is from Tosh
tosh: Hiya Fish (and support crew ;-), what are the chances of getting 'The Prog Prince' out on the road with you for the next tour? maybe as the support band then joining your band for a few numbers. END
Fish: I've been talking to Steve Wilson about the possibility of doing something together next year on the road
Fish: It's early days yet but as Porcupine Tree have an album coming out in March (same time as Raingods) it makes sense...
Fish: to examine the possibilities of a joint tour.
tosh: would make a brilliant night
Fish: I've not had the chance to go into detail with him and the logistics will prove difficult but I ...
Fish: really do think that a multi-bill event gig will prove more interesting to promoters and fans. ...
Fish: I'm glad I never went out on the road to support Kettle as news from Europe on all shows is not particularly encouraging....
tosh: rope the Pos Light guys in too
Fish: It's getting harder every year to make tours work. I won't take the same chance that I did in 97...
Fish: and the next tour will be budgeted very carefully. Ticket prices will go up and we will be actively seeking sponsorship, hopefully from a Scottish Brewery !!! End
Kimari: Next question is from Tom
Tom: hello
Fish: Hi
Tom: Polish freak here
Fish: OK what's your question
Tom: when can we see you in Poland?
Tom: and what do you think about zubrovka sessions :)))?
Fish: I'll be back in the summer of 99. But don't expect as many shows as we've done in the past. We lost a lot of money in Poland on the last tour and I have to think very carefully about where I'm going to play.
Fish: There will be at least 2 shows in Poland.
Fish: end
Kimari: Next question is from Colin
Tom: OK
Capper: greetings fish from an ex pressie halls drinker, any more LP's like internal exile planned, oozing with that Scottish style few but you seem to achieve? end
Fish: There is a lot of oozing on Raingods with Zippos including a classic folky drinking dirge in the middle of plague of ghosts.
Fish: I think you'll be happy!
Capper: :-)
Capper: cheers man
Fish: I miss the pressy halls myself - great gigs there
Fish: end
Capper: I'll buy u a drink next time I see u
Kimari: Next question is from Adam Holquist
Fish: OK !!!
Adam_H: Hi Fish... I've been helping Mo and Drum with researching people from your career, and I chose to do Tony Banks (since your work with him was what introduced me to your music). And I realized that I've never really heard you say much about that experience... How did you enjoy it? Any chance you'd ever do it again?
Fish: It was a fascinating experience working with Tony . The first time on the shortcut to somewhere track was scary.
Fish: As I'd never worked with any musicians outside the Marillos....
Fish: The second time I had more confidence and the experience was a lot less daunting and more enjoyable as a whole.
Fish: I really like the guy. And although we're like chalk and cheese in many respects we have a good laugh together..
Adam_H: lol
Fish: Tony's solo career surprisingly has never taken off. And I think he feels a bit disgruntled that he's never had the acceptance...
Fish: outside the band that others have had...
Fish: I'd like to think we'll work again in the future and we've both intimated that this will happen..
Adam_H: that'd be great...
Fish: The recent Genesis album and tour obviously occupied a lot of his time but I think he'll be considering another solo outing..
Fish: in the next year... he's got me phone number.
Fish: end
Kimari: Next question is from Beth Orr
Adam_H: thanks fish
BethOrr: Hey Fish. Sorry to ask another tour q, but is there *any* possibility of you coming to the US in the next tour? Grand Rapids wants you back, hopefully 1) in a place where fans don't have to be turned away at the door, 2) much more/better promotion, and 3) where there is room for more than 2 fans 'backstage' for drinks with the band--like the VanAndel Arena.
BethOrr: (Yeah!) END
Fish: Yes, the US is in the plans but it's too far ahead to deal with any details on touring yet.
Fish: end
Kimari: Next question is from Lucy
LucyJon: So Monsieur Fish - Lucy Jordache here: a) give me a mark out of ten for annoyance level of a Record Company Executive and b) when do I get the Clutching At Straws remaster sleeve notes - the world is waiting to hear what you have to say! and C) hello to the lovely Mo! end
Fish: Mo says Hi Lucy
LucyJon: oh and hello from the lovely Norwegian Jon!
Fish: Annoyance/irritation levels: fluctuating between 3 and 9.
Fish: You'll get the bloody sleeve notes when I'm good and ready!
LucyJon: tee hee!
Fish: grins
LucyJon: So that will be a 9 tonight then!
LucyJon: Always working me!
Fish: Will this mean that the EMI lawyers will have to go through these sleeve notes as well
Fish: grins
LucyJon: Without a doubt!
LucyJon: Can I have two versions one censored and one not!
Fish: As long as you promise to remember to put the web details in
LucyJon: Goodnight I'll leave you in peace now before it gets ugly!
Fish: Can I go now - got to go the dentist.
Fish: laughs !!!
Fish: Love you lots and will phone you on Monday!
LucyJon: kisskiss
Fish: End
Kimari: Next question is from Jasper Jeroen Dik
credo: Hiya Fish... Also I have got a question for you... As a fan of both you and Marillion I wonder if you still have contact with Marillion after you split up? END
Fish: Yes
Fish: Since the beginning of the year I've talked to Mark a few times ..
Fish: The inference that there is still a problem is bollocks
Fish: And tends to be forwarded by the Marillion fundamentalists...
Fish: We have no problems. We're all grown ups although with different artistic bents ...
credo: thanks... and keep up the good work!!
Fish: at the end of the day we're all struggling musicians trying to make a buck
Fish: and work for something more than free pizza!
Fish: grins
Fish: end
credo: thanks... and keep up the good work!!
Kimari: I'd go for a free pizza right now *grin*
Kimari: Next question is from Tom Breidenstein
TomB: Hey Fish! Tom (from A'dam last week) here. I was wondering why you changed back to the 'old' Fish logo from the one used on Sunsets? END
Fish: The sunsets logo suited the album sleeve but I prefer the one on kettle....
Fish: Did you manage to find the live sex club on Saturday night? Or where you too stoned or turned on...
Fish: to get out of your hotel.
TomB: no, Dolores wouldn't go for it
TomB: next time :)
Fish: It was a great day with you and the herbal stuff worked better the next day. ...
TomB: have to try that next time too
Fish: I put them into too much wine after the meal which seemingly weakens their effect..
Fish: I couldn't stop blabbing rubbish on Sun. afternoon. Well recommended for your next visit.
TomB: haha...thanks for the recommendation
Fish: end
Kimari: Next question is from Joe
joe: Hey Fish, Joe from Toronto. How has KOF sold for you in Europe so far? And will you release a single to support it in N.America
Fish: Kettle is doing OK. But the Roadrunner plans are for a long term campaign, not a flash in the pan
Fish: And you can be guaranteed to see the catalogue and Kettle advertised and promoted alongside the Raingods album project...
Fish: There is no single in Europe as RR are looking at a full promotion in January for the first single of RWZ . I think the first single..
Fish: will be 'Incomplete'
Fish: In the USA there will be different choices from Kettle as there are a number of possibilities with various tracks..
Fish: I wait to hear US RR ideas..
Fish: end
joe: thanks!end
Kimari: Next question is from Becky Hammack
Dreamer: Becky Hammack I really love your music and have actually been recently be introduced to it.. I Love your lyrics.. But anyway I have been calling the local Radio station and trying to get you some airplay here in southern Indiana.. What is your favorite song of all your music... and why...
Dreamer: 2) my best friend would have my head if I did not ask you who is or was Kayleigh to you
Fish: Just Good Friends with Sam Brown is a good starter as is Miss Pretty or Brother 52 Kayleigh was an ex-girlfriend. No further questions please. I try to protect her identity, she was not pleased after this song. end.
Dreamer: thanks much though for the info
Kimari: Next question is from Tami Freed
Tami: Hi Fish! Saw you/Marillion with Rush at Radio City in '83 and have been a fan ever since. I'd like to apologize for the rudeness of those crowds and thank you for putting up with that hostile environment! What were your favorite groups growing up, and has your musical taste changed much over there years? Thanks!
Fish: Favourite groups were Yes, Floyd, Elton John, The Faces, The Who - really too many to mention. Obviously as years go by, you discover other bands both old and new and Little Feat, Joni Mitchell and others have come in since. I love all types of music. No need to apologise for Radio City, it gave me a few good dinner stories! end.
Tami: LOL, thanks
Tami: ever think about joining up with Rick Wakeman?
Kimari: That was our last question. We are going to open the channel to a free-for-all to give Fish an idea of what IRC can REALLY be like. I'd like to say thanks to Fish for taking the time to talk to us. And to Mo for setting it up.
Itchy: Thanks Mo and Fish!
Kimari: Any last words Fish before we let it loose?
Fish: Rick and I talked about doing work together but we have just not managed to be in the same country at the same time in recent years. It might happen some day.
Fish: Thanks Kimari and Itchy for all your help.
Itchy: Our pleasure, I'm sure :)
Kimari: You're quite's fun
Fish: 10 minutes in Freaks.....
Kimari: he's going to join us in #Freaks in 10 minutes for a free-for-all
Kimari: so back to the home channel!!
Itchy: If you're not in #Freaks yet, type: /join #Freaks
*** Log file closed: 21-11-98 21:58:51
In the #Freaks channel, more questions were answered:
Hi Fish this is Alain from TCF, How the recording of Raingods is going? Has Calum Malcolm finished the mastering already?
Fish: Raingods is finished - only the cover shot to do.
hello Fish! Any word on the Haddington tapes yet? Sorry if you've talked about this already, I'm late...
Fish: Haddington Tapes being worked on next week with Elliot Ness. - Kettle Video going to production next week. Tee-shirts available second week of December.

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